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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Out of This World with Jessa Slade

Out of this world and out of my mind…to yours!
by Jessa Slade writing science fiction romance as Elsa Jade

Imagination is weird. You can’t see it or touch it. It doesn’t have any weight or texture. It comes seemingly out of nowhere and yet is informed by literally everything around. It has no inherent value and yet as a writer I use it to pay my rent!

And here’s the really weird part: Imagination is completely incorporeal and yet binds me indelibly to you—the reader.

The first book in the latest trilogy of my science fiction romance series the INTERGALACTIC DATING AGENCY: BIG SKY ALIEN MAIL ORDER BRIDES just came out, and as I created a new storyworld of alien cyborg cowboys, I was weirded out again by how imagination links us. Here I am, spinning letters into words into a story right out of my imagination, and there are you, somewhere on the other end, gathering the adventure, the thrills, the love into your imagination.

Some readers have told me they aren’t interested in science fiction romance because it might be “too weird” for them. I say, if you are a reader, you already understand quantum entanglement and spooky action at a distance! Writer and reader are linked together in a dance of the imagination, a force as invisible as quarks, as powerful as orbiting suns. You are already weird and spooky! How cool is that?

While I was writing MACH ONE, the book that just came out, I had a moment where I was doubting the story. I was at the Oregon Coast for a writing retreat with other writer friends, where all we do is sit and writewritewrite. But for a day, I wasn’t writing. I just couldn’t figure out why this mattered, why would these characters come together, who would want this adventure? My imagination was failing me, like shooting stars crashing to Earth…

(Sunset of my writer soul, minus stars, with obligatory seagull for scale)

And that night, as I was meditating contemplatively at my little netbook (well, banging my head against the keyboard after drinking a high-caffeine sparkling water, whatever) I thought about the reader—you. And that other reader (who is my mom, tbh). And all those other readers (some of whom aren’t related to me!). All those tiny, far-away points of light shining down on me, waiting to be connected by that tenuous thread of imagination.

Okay, maybe it was just the caffeine and I was standing outside in the cold looking at the stars… But! I started typing again, and as if he came down from the heavens above—which he kinda did—was MACH ONE.

He came from my imagination—which sometimes seems even more remote and dangerous than outer space!—and now he’s leaving again for your imagination. Spooky action at a distance—out of this world and just in time for Halloween.

It’s autumn in Big Sky Country, and crash-landed aliens are falling in love!

Oversized Montana rancher Mach Halley’s very big Stetson and giant belt buckle are hiding a secret of cosmic proportions: He’s a survivor of a transgalactically prohibited private army of cyborg alien warriors built to kill. But with a long-dormant member of his unit about to be born, he needs a healer—even if it’s a pretty little lady doc who must forget everything she sees.

Making a name for herself in rural, large animal veterinary medicine has been tough for Doctor Chien Lun-mei, so she takes a strange midnight call to prove herself—only to discover a secret wilder than any bucking bronc. If she rants about UFOs and ETs, she’ll be laughed out of the county, but this strong, silent cowboy who feels even more out of place than she does touches her in more ways than one.

Together they’ll fight to save an alien life, but for Mach to escape a war he never wanted, he’ll have to risk an alien love.

On the outskirts of the Big Sky Intergalactic Dating Agency, the Cyborg Cowboys of Carbon County are rounding up earthly pleasures for their forever mates.

Cyborg Cowboys of Carbon County #1
Intergalactic Dating Agency
by Elsa Jade


MACH ONE is part of a bigger constellation of stories—the Intergalactic Dating Agency—and this autumn, five new trilogies are falling into your hot little hands. You can read all about them at and join the out-of-this-world adventures from our imaginations!

 Bio: There are too many cool worlds to explore! Which is how Jessa Slade got started writing paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance and science fiction romance…but then dabbled in hot contemporary romance as Jenna Dales…and now also writes sexy shapeshifting romance and more science fiction romance as Elsa Jade. All her worlds feature mighty alpha males and strong, smart heroines with a bit of attitude. New to science fiction romance? Start with ALPHA STAR for free!


Diana McCollum said...

Wow! you are so prolific , Jesse! Great blog post. Are you one of those writers who keep a bible of your different worlds , or how do you keep all the different worlds separate? Your Intergalatic dating agency books sound wonderful.

Sarah Raplee said...

Love your books, Jessa! Your excerpt has me hooked.

Maggie Lynch said...

Read and loved this book. It has everything you could want, aliens, cowboys, love, potential problems of galactic proportions. :) Seriously, if you don't think you like SF Romance you'll still love this because it's not all tech, as much as it is a cowboy love story. It just happens that the cowboys are aliens and bigger than the average human and stronger than the average human, but still have all the needs and emotions of any love relationship.

Elsa Jade said...

Diana, I always START a bible when I have a new series. Such good intentions! And you know where intentions lead us... ;) By Book 2, I've forgotten everything and am desperately trying to find a way to add magic to the universe so I can explain myself!

Elsa Jade said...

>> Your excerpt has me hooked.

Mwa-ha-ha, Sarah. My nefarious plan is working! :D

Elsa Jade said...

<3 Maggie! Remember that movie Cowboys and Aliens? It...had some issues. Mostly, not enough kissing! I fixed that. :D

Judith Ashley said...

Jessa, this may be the day and yours may be the book to entice me to read a sci fi romance. I do love Westerns. So, yes, your nefarious plan may be working overtime.

Thanks for guesting with us!!!