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Saturday, December 22, 2018

What's New with D2D

The Future of Indie Publishing

Draft2Digital has a reputation for continually tinkering under the hood, improving on the tools and resources we've already built, but also making all new resources that we know authors really need. For the past two years, we've been on a pretty intense track of growth and development, and we'll continue that in 2019.
We're looking forward to hearing the reactions from authors, as we roll out new features.
Here Are A Couple of Things We're Releasing Over The Next Few Months:

D2D Print—We’ve built our business around providing authors with access to solutions that make publishing simple and easy. We wanted to create something that would allow authors to easily get their manuscript into a paperback format and make it available for sale as quickly as possible, with no extra overhead.
D2D Print is our solution. Authors who upload their manuscript to D2D get automatic, free conversion to ebook format (EPUB and MOBI) and to print layout. Authors can download the print-ready PDF to use with any print on demand service they like. But to make things even easier, D2D will now offer print distribution, worldwide, through our own POD solution.
As part of this new tool, we’re also introducing our new Cover Converter, which will take an ebook cover and automatically convert it to a print layout, complete with the spine and back cover, the book description, and an optional author photo and editable author bio.
We’ve partnered with IPG, one of the most well-known and trusted printers in the business, to distribute print books globally. This includes making books available to physical bookstores. If a reader wants to purchase your book from a bookstore, all they have to do is request it. Stores can even stock your book on their shelves if there’s a demand!
D2D Shared UniversesWhen Amazon closed down its Kindle Worlds program, a lot of authors had to scramble to figure out what to do with their shared intellectual properties. We had tons of request from world-owners and contributing authors alike, asking if we could pick up where Kindle Worlds left off.
We accepted that challenge, and we’ll soon launch D2D Shared Universes.
Authors will be able to open their worlds to contributing authors, who can write and publish using the same characters and settings. The property owners maintain control and can set their rate of royalty share, determine who can and cannot write in their world, and more.
This launch opens the way for a new feature that has been a recurring request from our authors: Royalty splitting. As we work out the kinks, making sure that D2D Shared Universe authors can depend on royalty splitting and other features, we intended to open those features up to the rest of the D2D author family.
More New Features

We’re adding quite a few new features over the next year, some of which we can’t really talk about just yet. But they’re sure to be popular—most are things our authors have requested for years!
We’re also making updates to how things work, such as improvements to our user interface, and a lot of behind-the-scenes updates that improve the functionality of our tools. All of this is on-going, and it’s a constant and consistent improvement.
But there were some features introduced over the past few months that some authors may not have heard about. We’re improving on these, too, over 2019, and they’re worth checking out.
D2D Book Tabs—Building on the power of our Universal Book Links (UBLs), D2D Book Tabs are a single-source promotional page aimed at promoting your books to readers. They're an attractive landing page that has sales copy, book description, a bit about the authors, and a button with a call to action. Your book's cover is featured large and proud, as well.
And the page contains some customizable elements to help you promote the book, including the addition of our new Customizable Carousels—a scrollable "shelf" displaying books from the same series, related books, or just books you'd like to promote.
D2D Book Tabs are a perfect landing page for things like Facebook ads and social media posts, but they’re just a part of a larger plan.
D2D Author Pages—Also building from UBLs, and part of the Books2Read platform we’re developing, D2D Author Pages are your “home away from homepage.”
These customizable pages let you display an author photo and bio, as well as links for social media and even a link to sign up for your newsletter. You can feature a “hero” book, such as a new release, first in series, or something currently on promotion.
The Customizable Carousels are featured here as well, and you can build shelves of books in a series or any other category, and arrange their order.
All books are linked to our Universal Book Links—a single link that allows readers to find your book everywhere it’s sold online.

We Keep Building

There are a lot of ideas on our board, and we want to get to all of them as quickly as possible. We see 2019 as a wide field of potential, and we believe we’re building the tools that will help authors find more readers and make more sales. Our goal for the year is to improve discoverability for authors, we’re introducing features that, we believe, will do just that.
The future of the industry, in our estimate, is a move toward even greater control and reach for independent authors, and a movement toward more empowerment with better tools. We think a hybridized model of publishing is close at hand, and we believe our authors are poised to make the best advantage of it. We're building tools aimed at that crowd. It's an incredibly exciting time to be a part of this community.
Kevin Tumlinson is the Director of Marketing for Draft2Digital, as well as a bestselling and award-winning thriller author in his own right.

He hosts the popular Wordslinger Podcast, aimed at helping thousands of indie authors build and grow a successful publishing career. Reach out to him and read more blog posts at https://draft2digital.com


Pippa Jay said...

I've been really impressed by D2D's constant drive to improve and expand, and I'm really looking forward to the print option!

Judith Ashley said...

Kevin, Thanks for joining us this weekend on Romancing The Genres and bringing us up-to-date on what D2D's 2019 plans are. I love how quickly you pay royalties! How easy it is to upload my books! and How wide your distribution is! I'm sure D2D did its research before moving into Print but with KDPrint and Ingram/Spark already options, what is the advantage to moving print from these platforms to D2D?

Paty Jager said...

Kevin, These are all great things! I have loved D2D from the beginning, when I had trouble with a release and you worked overtime to make sure it was available when I needed it to be. I need to get my author page going and the bells and whistles that go with it. It's finding the time. Might have to find someone to do it all for me.

D2D keeps on showing the world Self Published authors are relevant and needed. Thanks for guesting at Romancing the Genres!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Thanks for your post, Kevin. D2D is going to play a bigger part of digital publishing with these additional tools.

Diana McCollum said...

What an informative post! Yay, to D2D for continuing to improve the self-published authors life.

Linda Lovely said...

I'm a big fan of D2D. I've used it to create backlist ebooks for which I have regained my publishing rights, and to distribute them in multiple formats. I'm delighted with your announcement of print creation and distribution capabilities. I will certainly check into these. The description of the cover creation capability was a bit hazy for me. But I'll check it out. Currently I have a cover artist create a PDF image for front, spine, and back cover based on page length requirements. I'm assuming I could still do this, right? I'm going to share your product announcements with fellow writers on various forums. Thanks for joining us today.

Maggie Lynch said...

I'm another big fan of D2D, have been from the beginning. I've always loved your innovation. Really excited about the shared worlds and split royalties environment. I'm creating a project with at least six other authors for 2019 with 12+ books released among us during 2019. So, this could be very timely. Is there a particular way to sign up for this, make sure I'm on the beta team or anything else?

The IPG connection is also interesting to me. However, I do have the same question as Judith asked. If we are already using Ingram are there particular markets IPG hits that Ingram doesn't or markets it serves better?

Also loved the partnership you did with Findaway in late 2017. It was that partnership that put me together with them for my audiobooks and I would never have found them if not for you.

Sarah Raplee said...

I am excited about all the new programs and features at D2D! Will definitely check them out!