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Friday, September 18, 2020

Hopeless? Writing In A Pandemic #amwriting


Hi, I'm Pippa Jay, author of scifi and supernatural stories to engage your emotions. And this month's topic is hope.

Right now, hope might be a hard thing to find or hold on to. For me, the start of lockdown wasn't an issue because I'm pretty much a hermit at heart. Not so for my SO, who found the constraints on where he could go and what he could do pretty frustrating. He was lucky(?) in that his place of work remained open throughout, which at least kept him busy, but weekends became a special kind of torture for us all, and eventually that began to have a knock on effect on the whole family.

But then restrictions started easing. We could go out places. Ironically, I found this more stressful than enjoyable as people often didn't seem to think social distancing applied any more, which meant I often insisted in wearing a mask out and about (before it became compulsory in a lot of places). So now I was the one getting anxious while my SO enjoyed the regained freedom. 

This coincided with the start of the summer holidays, so I still wasn't going into work. Having spent the beginning of lockdown doing a lot of physical jobs that I'd planned to do during my summer break, I found myself bored. I'd figured trying to write in the current conditions was a fail from the get go. Imagine my surprise to discover I actually felt like writing again after a super long break. Seems boredom is a big writing trigger for me. And while two of the three pieces I set myself to work on were started many years ago (seven in one case!), both had storylines that some might very well see as dark and hopeless, perfectly fitting the pandemic. Maybe that's why they called to me at this time.

Whatever the cause, the depressing stories still gave me some personal hope. My long period of burnout and lack of inspiration had apparently come to an end at long last. And now I have hope for my future works (and two set publication dates!). Maybe it's not so hopeless after all...

How could a moment's anger destroy so much happiness?
It is a question that will haunt him. When an old enemy comes to Kasha-Asor to kidnap their daughter, armed with a weapon that could end everything, Keir is forced to leave an injured Quin on Lyagnius. But his quest for a cure and their missing daughter will come at a terrible cost.

Book #2.5 of the Redemption series.
Trigger warning: the loss of a child. Releasing 21st March 2021

Solstice on Vintro

A Science Fiction Mystery novella.

    Part of the upcoming Star-Crossed Souls collection.

Vintro. The planet that had stolen all her dreams.


Melandria Solei has always dreamed of commanding a starship and exploring the universe. When her own dark-eyed older lover steals the position she's worked for, she never expects to go chasing after him in a stolen ship to a world colder than revenge...

Releasing 21st December 2020


Judith Ashley said...

One of the things that I find "interesting" about the pandemic and restrictions is when people with spouses and people with spouses and children complain about not seeing people. For those of us who live alone, even people like me who are, perhaps not hermits, but have no problem being by ourselves, it's "interesting" to a point of confusing.

Big news at my house in Oregon is we got some rain last night so the smoke from all the forest fires is dampened a bit. Looking forward to when my city no longer claims the "Worst Air Quality In The World" spot.

Impressive that you were able to finish up two stories this summer. Will you be back in the school soon or will England's children be schooled remotely.

Diana McCollum said...

I admire you Pippa, that you were able to write two stories during this pandemic. I have a hard time concentrating on any one thing very long. And yet , if I don't keep busy I get anxiety. So everyday I write a list of 5 things to do that day. One exercise, then chores and writing or blogging related things. Sometimes I finish the list and sometimes I don't . Good blog post!

Maggie Lynch said...

Congratulations for working on two books this summer. It is interesting that you were called to write. "depressing" books during depressing times. I have been the opposite but there certainly seems to be a call for both types of books. I hope your releases go really well.

It is certainly difficult when partners have very different needs for going out during the pandemic, and even more so if one has a great need to be around people and socializing and the other does not. I hear you on being fearful when getting together with others. I'm still very much a mask wearer even when seated six feet apart unless we are outdoors and not moving around--which kind of defeats the purpose of enjoying the outdoors.

As my husband and I have been "officially" retired (though I certainly feel like I continue to work full time) for four years now; we have grown used to being home with each other while not being together as we pursue different interests and have different energy schedules throughout the day.

The most difficult time for us came when the fires sent so much smoke in our direction resulting in hazardous air quality. We had to stay inside for 10 days straight. Again, it didn't bother me as I knew it would end. But my husband was very much on edge after Day 5. Not that he needed to go visit with people, he simply needed to be outside walking, working in the garden, sitting on the deck to read. The minute the air quality recovered, he was outside most of the day. When the rains came he was still sitting on the deck and reading, as if needing to get as much outside air a possible in case it is taken away from him again.