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09/12 E.J. Russell

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I had the best day !

After six weeks back in Stage 4 lockdown here (Melbourne, Australia) there is a glimmer of light (and hope) at the end of the tunnel. Restriction now allows those who live on their own to hae a 'bubble friend' - one person who is allowed to visit - and today I had my first visit with my BFF in three months!

For the last six weeks we've had a restriction of 5km as the furtherest we can travel from home (and only travel for essentials like food shopping, pharmacy, medical reasons) so to be able to take the nearly hour-long drive to visit her was a real excitement, especially as the drive is just beautiful. She does live in Melbourne too, but the trip to get there skirts around outside of our fabulous city and takes me through some beautiful scenery. It just made my heart sing to be take in blue sky and greenery. 

My BFF is also a romance writer, so there was plenty of writing talk about our current WIPS and alllll the story ideas we have. Our friendshp grew from meeting at my local romance group (shout out to the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild) so have something that is so important in our lives as a common interest with your bestie is such a blessing.

I've been super lucky in that (unlike for so many others) this pandemic, thankfully, hasn't changed too much in my life. Having retired from working 9-5, I'm not at risk of losing a job, and haven't had to supervise remote learning for kids. While we can't visit our kids or go to movies or go out to dinner, that's not the end of the world, and it's not for ever. 

It's a worrying time world-wide but hopefully we're starting to come out the other end - at least here in Australia. Writing every day (and reading) certainly offers escape into a world where such major issues don't exist. Having daily online contact with my writing tribe gives us all a a boost of friendship and support. My local romance group hasn't had a face-to-face meeting (usually monthly) and the anuual Romance Writers of Australia conference was cancelled (but held online) but I think most of us are sooooo grateful for the technology of Zoom! 

Having my excusion today, in the glorious Melbourne spring sunshine, was such a welcome thing after weeks of isolation and hopefully just the start of things returning to (probably a new) normal.

I hope everyone out there is staying safe and sane - and reading lots of romance!

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Deb N said...

Andra - so happy you were able to get out for a beautiful drive, judging from your photos and description, and to meet with your friend. Yes, ZOOM has been a lifesaver in keeping us a bit more sane then our normal isolated writing life. Alas, in my country, things are still not great. However, my state has been very cautious and it has, for the most part, paid off. Here's to piling on the hope for a better world.

Diana McCollum said...

Great post! Lucky you seeing your best friend in person!!! Here in Central Oregon we are also suffering from hazardous smoke, so gardening, and going for walks are out of the question right now.

Doing house cleaning projects, making bookmarks, sewing and reading.

Take care

Luanna Stewart said...

Yay - I'm so happy you can venture out and visit with a friend. And since you're entering your outdoor socializing season, hopefully you'll be able to do more of that. Here in Nova Scotia, the daytime is still pleasant for sitting in the garden, but the evenings are getting a bit chilly for lingering on the patio with a glass of wine.

Judith Ashley said...

Andra, I'm afraid I'm rather green with envy. I've not seen my BFF since January! and it may be January 2021 or even longer before I do. She, so far, refuses to learn/use Zoom/Skype, etc. so I can't even see her...but we do chat on the phone. Her husband just rolls his eyes and figures she's not available for a couple of hours - and usually he is right! Holding positive thoughts that this last Lockdown does the trick and Melbourne is able to slowly open without a massive uptick in positive tests.

Maggie Lynch said...

What a wonderful report on something that used to be simple to do but is now appreciated that much more--seeing a BFF in person. I also loved the picture of the bright blue sky and heart-shaped cloud. A fitting exclamation point on your happy day.