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Saturday, November 21, 2020

A Holiday Rom Com about family, food, and finding a dead body in the freezer

 I know...not the way you were expecting that title to go, right? Hee Hee

I love a good Holiday romance book. I'd much rather read than watch the never ending holiday movies on Hallmark, and now Lifetime and Netflix. Those are all pretty generic and look and sound the same to me. I much prefer losing myself in a good holiday romcom or a women's fiction story about the holidays and family.

So, because I love to read Holiday RomComs so much, I tend to pen a new one every year or so. Scheduling and contracts prevent me from doing one a year - which is what I'd love to do. This year's entry, MISTLETOE, MOBSTERS, & MOZZARELLA,  is another San Valentino family Christmas story concerning the Gracie and Louie branch of the family tree. These two lovebirds have been together over 40 years, have weathered medical and financial crises together and still look at one another as if the other hung the moon.

Don't you just love that?? I know I do.

They have 6 kids - 5 obnoxious boys and 1 daughter, the eldest child, Madonna. Donna, as everyone calls her, is her father's rock in so many ways. She manages the deli he owns, she's a calming influence for her mother's sometimes crazy behavior, and she practically raised all her younger brothers.

Donna has dreams and aspirations that, unfortunately, don't fit into her family's needs or desires. But a girl can dream...and dream Donna does.

One morning a few weeks before Christmas, she opens the store for the day and finds the dead body of one the employees stored in the freezer. This starts a string of events, not the least of which is the arrival on the scene of the one guy Donna has never been able to get out of her mind. Tony Roma is the investigating detective in the murder case and the moment she sees him she's transported back to the time they were teenagers.

Tony is assigned to work undercover in the deli to ferret out the killer and Madonna is quickly losing her mind - and heart. The story evolves into a tale about forgiveness, moving forward, and clinging to family when you need them the most, but breaking free to be your own person.

Now, some of that may sound like a heavy read, but believe me - MISTLETOE, MOBSTERS, & MOZZARELLA is anything but heavy!!! 

I released the book in October because I wanted to get a jump on holiday sales - and reading. There's nothing better than opening your ereader after a day of working or frantic holiday shopping, making a cup of tea, and taking a break for an hour to lose yourself in a witty, charming and satisfying book.

I've got another post on 11/27 about Holiday romance books I like to recommend ( not, necessarily my own, Heehee) so check back then and see what I'm reading this year.

Toodles for now and happy reading - Holiday and otherwise.

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Judith Ashley said...

Peggy, you are right, I'd never add "body in a freezer" to a description of a romantic comedy! What a fun concept.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

I love romance and cozy mysteries, so this book sounds awesome! Glad you're having fun with your novels,


peggy jaeger said...

Judith- and isn't that what makes it even funnier?? heehee

peggy jaeger said...

Lynn- I am!!!! sososo much.

Maggie Lynch said...

The post title definitely drew me in and even with the ending I thought it has to be funny. This is definitely not your usual super sweet romance, which means I'm adding it to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing this.

Diana McCollum said...

Sounds like a great book! The title is awesome!

peggy jaeger said...

Maggie - thanks for those kind words!!!

peggy jaeger said...

Diana - I struggled with the title for about 2 months. I had every permutation of MMM you could think of, including Madonna's name. When I put the title I liked best up on my fb page, readers begged me to remove the name because it reminded them of the current Madonna ( the pseudo-singer) and felt it would be a turn off to readers. I'm so happy I did.