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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Abbondanza! by Peggy Jaeger

 I grew up in an Irish/Sicilian household - mom was the Irish descendant, step-dad the Sicilian, so whenever I hear the word ABUNDANCE, I hear it the way it was spoken in my home - the Italian way - ABBONDANZA.

It sounds like such a joyous word when said in the language of Da Vinci, no?

I still use it that way to this day when I describe things, like the abbondanza of books I have to read on my kindle. Or the abbondanza of words I need to get written this month to win NaNoWriMo. That's a quantifiable number, too, set at 50k. But still...it's a lot of words!

Quantifying something as abundant or saying it possesses an abundance of...something, can be viewed either negatively or positively. Since this is me writing this, you know I'm going to accentuate the positive.

Hey - wasn't that a song?

My life is blessed with an abbondanza of friends, for which I am most grateful. My grandmother used to tell me if you made one sincere friend in your lifetime you were lucky. I've been lucky hundreds of times, then, if you go by this statement. I also have a huge family courtesy of my husband. As an only child, I always wanted siblings. I got them when I married a man with 5 brothers and sisters and now they fill my life with joy.

I have an abundance of books in my home library and on my kindle that feed my mind, encourage my psyche, and warm my heart. I'm that girl who loves both print and ebook. It doesn't matter which format I read in, just as long as I read.

I have an abundance of novels on my laptop plotted out and just waiting to have an abundance of time to write them!

Since we are entering the Christmas/Holiday season, I will freely admit that I have an OVER abundance of decorations and I'm not even one little bit embarrassed about that. I grew up poor. We rarely had a Christmas tree and when we did my mother could only afford those breakable, lousy-colored balls as decorations. We didn't even have a star on top of the tree. When I went out on my own and started making my own money, every year I bought a few ornaments and decorations and in just a few years I had a full supply. These days that full supply looks more like a hoard!

My husband actually says I have too many ornaments for one tree, which is why I never put up just one tree, but 4-5.

Don't judge.

One thing I will admit and then also state I am a tad embarrassed about is my overabundance of shoes. I have over 200 pairs. Again - don't judge! Carrie Bradshaw had nothin' on me, kids. And I've worn each and every one of them --- at least once.

It's easy to go overboard with material items, but if you'll remember the beginning of this piece, the first thing I mentioned was my abundance of family and friends - the most important of everything.

This holiday season I am wishing you all an abbondanza of health, love, success, and wisdom~


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and the prequel, SANTA BABY

Happy Holidays, kids ~ Peg


Maggie Lynch said...

You are so right that Abbondanza makes abundance sound even more.

You certainly are blessed with abundance. I know several people who do multiple trees during the holiday season Do you do themes or is it just a means for using all the ornaments?

Judith Ashley said...

You have more shoes than I've had in my entire life! (Not judging, just amazed). I probably have more rocks/crystals than you have shoes though as they are my weakness.

Love Abbondanza - such a rich sounding word.

May you continue to have an abbondanza of family, friends, books and shoes!

peggy jaeger said...

Maggie that's a great question. Yes, I do themes for the trees. For instance, I have one that's all Precious Moments ornaments, another that are ornaments from every place we've traveled over theyears. I have a winnie the pooh themed tree and a cooking one, too.

peggy jaeger said...

Judith - thank you. The shoes are all from when I actually had to go to work every day. I just kept them after I retired because I love them sososos much.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Great post, Peggy! Wishing you joy this holiday season,