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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Introducing Judith Ashley

I’m Judith Ashley and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. You might wonder how I came to be here and I’d love to tell you. I’m a Native Oregonian (not many of us around anymore) except for three months of my life when I lived in Ohio. I love the Pacific Northwest and while we have our high desert country, for the most part I’ve lived in the wet part of the state…so I’ve moss on my north-side. 

While I’ve lived in the same state all my life, I’ve had a very eclectic work history. The common thread being I’ve always worked with people supporting them in having the best life possible given their circumstances. The second thread is education: from being a classroom teacher to showing clients more effective ways of living their lives.

Semi-retirement suits me because it gives me time to write something that I love instead of something required to get a paycheck. Well, in truth, to get those royalty checks – hmmm, don’t think I’ll go there. And that brings me back to why I’m here.
Doing just about anything in a group is more fun…notice how much more quickly the house gets clean when everyone pitches in? Not that blogging is like housework ---it's really much more fun even when doing it alone.

But having a group of like-minded folks to share the journey is so much better. And, having those folks connected through writing Romance but with their own special twists and sub-genres is even more so.

The idea for Romancing the Genres came from having tea at Borders with fellow RTG founder, Sarah Raplee. We are thrilled to have nineteen other writers from nine states join us. Enjoy your time with us!


Sarah Raplee said...

Judith, you are so right about being thrilled to have all the Genre-istas here today!

We've met so many wonderful people and learned so much on the way to launching RTG. What an adventure!

Judith Ashley said...

Amazing to scroll through the Genre-istas, read and comment, and know We Did It!

Judy said...

Well, we share a name, my given name is Judith. Not many people call me that. My father named me and then he said, we will call her Judy:) Men!!!

I have been enjoying you and Sarah's blog. You have some great looking authors, I have read many and many are new to me, but will check them out. I love finding new books, and the way to do that is new authors:)

Judith Ashley said...

All I can say is "Wow", Judy. You have made our day. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on everyone's post. Hope you stop by again. Kris Tualla is our First Monday of the Month blogger (we each have one day of the month) and if you start with Kris and work your way back you'll pretty much see the order of things. Not 100% but close.
Depending on who knew me at different times of my life I've been Judy, Judy A, Judy J, Judy K and Judith Ashley, Sunshine, and Jonnie. Helps me place the face by the name they call me.

Greta said...

Moss on your north side? LOL!

RTG is a great blog idea, Judith. And it's true ... many hands make light work. And more fun, too.

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for the compliment Greta. Sarah and I thought many hands would make blogging lighter work and we were right. Of course it helps to be surrounded by nineteen other great bloggers.

And my driveway, which is on the north side of my house, is sprouting a greenish tinge. Yep, moss on the north side there too.

Tam Linsey said...

Hi Platform Partner! *waves furiously* We've come a long way. I'm so glad you invited me to be part of this blog. And you are one of the best support partners I've ever met.

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Tam. I've so much to learn! The first is how to keep this up and still Write. I'm also very glad you are a part of this. I feel we started blogging together (and Sarah and I started at the same time with SamMarie as our coach) it just felt right to stay together on this part of the writing journey.
Hope you can make to Emerald City in October.

Courtney L said...

Just wanted to say hello, Judith! Your bio is great, by the way. I just sent the card you and I were talking about...I know, a little late, but it's on the way!