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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome Everyone!

I am so happy we've finally launched RTG into the Internet. While everyone may read romance not everyone reads the same genre. Here you may find an author you already love, or one you fall in love with. or be tempted to discover a genre you've never read before.

My name is Elaine Charton and I live in Arizona. The land of cactus, the Grand Canyon, fantastic Mexican food and Cowboys. One of my favorite places and one we like to take visitors to see is the town of Tombstone, home of Doc Holliday, the Earp brothers and the infamous OK Corral.

I grew up surrounded by brothers and being in the minority I usually had to watch what they wanted. Shows with cops, robbers and cowboys and if I didn't like the way they ended, and I usually didn't, I changed the endings. Because no matter how gory, deadly, ugly the world in my books, there must be a happy ending. When it's my book, I can be sure that happens.

I write Romantic suspense and Paranormal Romance.
I have three books out EZ Lovin-Mac's Man-and Pandora's Justice. I'm working on a paranormal suspense with romantic elements. I'll be married 27 years this July and my husband is also a writer. We have no children but two very spoiled cats. When we're not writing we're both involved with our local RWA chapter, I also sell Avon and in our copious spare time :) we indulge our shared love of books and baseball.


Judith Ashley said...

Hi Elaine,
I agree that when we are the writer, we can create the ending we want and I want Happy Endings also. Glad you've joined us.

Judy said...

You are another new author to me. I will be checking out your books. There are not many genres I have not read, but my favorites are historicals and paranormals, Plus, I could keep naming them:)

Sarah Raplee said...

So glad you're here with us, Elaine!

'The Grand Canyon, fantastic Mexican food, and Cowboys'- I need a vacation in Arizona!:)

I don't get to ask many writers this question: What's it like living with a writer? LOL

I love writing the happy ending, too. Who is your publisher so I can buy your books?I love suspense and paranormal romance.

ElaineCharton said...

Arizona is a great place to come escape the horrors of winter Unless you like it really really hot avoid June-July-August. That is our hot and rainy season.

My books are published with Swimming Kangaroo Books and are available on Amazon.
I am in the process of formatting my very first paranormal to put up on Smashwords, will keep you posted on that.

As for living with a writer...It's been interesting. I was writing for years before he started so there really wasn't much adjustment. Since we have no children, just the feline kind, we tend to have our writing spread out all over the apartment. :)

Judith Ashley said...

Vacation in Arizona in April 2012 at the Desert Dreams Conference. Great Conference, great weather...we could have a swell RTG gathering!

Greta said...

Hi, Elaine!

Writing the books you want to read ... that's the right idea.

Enjoy your sunshine. We actually had a little snow today ... Argh!

Tam Linsey said...

I would love to visit Tombstone! Sounds like you had a childhood that just set you up for writing! Glad to have you along.

ElaineCharton said...

Desert Dreams Conference is a fun conference. We are hoping to go next year. We could have a great time!

We had sun and in the 70's today. Supposed to hit the 90's this week.

Don't let my brothers hear that. They'll try and take the credit for my stories. :) They haven't even read them.