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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Live, Love, Laugh

Hi Out There in Cyber Space:

I'm Christie Walker Bos and I love that phrase, Live, Love, Laugh. You could say it’s my philosophy of life. So it comes as no surprise that my genre would be romantic comedy. My books are contemporary stories with just the right amount of humor, the same humor you might find in your own life. I know there is plenty of humor in my life.

If my books were movies (and don’t I wish they were!) they would star actresses like Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts or Kate Hudson. Think “You’ve Got Mail” or “Pretty Woman” or “Raising Helen.”

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, raised kids in Orange County, and now write from my home in Big Bear Lake. Southern California offers so many different looks and feels, from the mountains, to the desert, to the coast, that it makes it easy to set my novels in and around Los Angeles.

To find my main squeeze, I created a Man List with 65 items. The first guy to “qualify” coming in with 63 out of 65 items, was my now husband, Robbie. Since the list thing worked so well, I turned it into my first novel, Magical Man List.

They always say, “Write what you know.” I know how to live, love and laugh, so that’s what I write. What is your philosophy of life and how does that influence what you read?


Judith Ashley said...

Hi Christie, I remember talking to you at Desert Rose about your Magical Man List and Intentions and Synchronicity. I'm very glad you've joined this adventure.

I've started to answer your question a couple of times and the right words just aren't coming. I'll think about it and come back with an answer. I do know what my philosophy of life is just haven't figured out how it influences what I read.

Christie Walker said...

Hi Judith:
Yes, I remember sitting next to you at Desert Rose. There is so much that has been written on intentions, such as The Secret. With my book, Magical Man List, I was looking to incorporate that information in a fun read. I had so many people asking me about my List, that I ended up added four non-fiction chapters about the process.

Janet Dyer said...

My philosophy on life is what I had put on my 50th birthday cake "Live Life to the Fullest" and that means each and every day!

Christie Walker said...

That's another good one, Janet. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you win the basket.

Judy said...

Your Magical Man List must work. I was lucky, I didn't have a list, but picked a keeper in my DH. We have been married for 40 years. We must be doing something right:)

I believe that you treat others like you want to be treated yourself, laugh with your family and friends, show your friends and family you love them.

Sarah Raplee said...

My philosophy of life is, "Make the most of the hand you're dealt." What we control in life is our own attitude and choices, and our choices define us.

I read across genres, choosing books where people grow and find adventure and love, where justice prevails, where underdogs overcome all obstacles. I love books that leave me feeling upbeat and hopeful and books that make me laugh.

Your books sound like books I will love!

Christie Walker Bos said...

Hi Sarah:
Thanks for sharing. I agree with your philosophy and that a positive attitude can make a huge difference.
Even when I was going through a nasty divorce I still kept a positive attitude. I looked at my life as a pie, divided up into pieces. I had one rotten pie piece, my ex-husband. The rest of the pieces were wonderful...my kids, my family, my home...so I concentrated on those pieces of the pie instead of the one rotten piece. (Which I eventually cut out and threw away.)
My books reflect this attitude. Not everything goes perfectly as planned, but with a positive attitude, things can still work out for the best. If you like underdogs overcoming obstacles, I'd suggest you read my book, Getting Back to Delaney.
It's upbeat, fun and funny, and of course has a happy ending.

Sarah Raplee said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Christie. I will!

Mary said...

Hi Christie!

I truly enjoy reading your books! With all of the challenges we all face in our daily lives, it's so nice to escape with books that have great characters and make us feel good. I believe it is much healthier to focus on the good things in life, and to cherish our partners and friends.

Christie Walker Bos said...

Thanks Mary.
Reading is a great escape. Unfortunately I don't get to read as much as I would like myself. But the good news for me is that writing works the same for me as reading does for you.
When I'm writing, the hours just fly by. I get so caught up in my characters' lives, that I even dream about them sometimes.
Thanks for being a fan!

Judith Ashley said...

I've thought of a succinct way of describing my philosophy of life. Don't think this is very succinct but here it goes. If, over the course of time, I find no joy, happiness, or sense of fulfillment in what I'm doing or who I'm with then I doing the wrong thing or with the wrong people.
I have the power to turn something negative into a positive in my life and I have the power to make my life what I want it to be.
Laughter is integral to my sense of well-being as is experiencing.

Thanks for posing such a thought-provoking question, Christie. I've enjoyed reading everyone's answers.

Rose Marie said...

Christie, after reading all your books in our book club here in Big Bear, we would be the first ones in line at the movie theater... work on that please and make it happen!
Rose Marie

Tam Linsey said...

A Man List - I love it!

Greta said...

Hi, Christie.

I guess I'm still working on my philosophy of life! But, along with Judith A, I've enjoyed reading everyone's answers.

The 4 nonfic chapters are a brilliant idea. Readers will really enjoy that.

eyesdeas said...

Hi, Christie.

So great to see you taking what you do and helping others. What else would I expect from you. Great idea, great blog.

Yvonnika said...

Hi Christie,
I have loved all your books,they are fun & flirty and can"t wait for the next one. I especially like "The Magical Man List" as it brought you into life.

My philosophy of life is to have family & friends around you, that you genuinely enjoy spending time with . And you are definatley one of those people !! : )

michele lauren said...

Christie...I really appreciate your thought provoking question. Thank you. And I soooooo agree with how you hold your gift of life. In fact, I recently bought a tee shirt in Maui from a store called Women Who Run With Wolves with that phrase.
I know I have several philosophies, all link together. Therefore, your question challenged me to decide which of these is paramounte.
It is: "There is what happens in your life and there is what you say to yourself about what happens. What you tell yourself is what truely matters."

Christie Walker Bos said...

Wow. Thank you to everyone who commented. Loved hearing about your philosophies. Very inspiring.

Makes me want to write even more, if that is possible.