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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Must Love Dogs? Sarah Raplee, Paranormal Romance Writer

My name is Sarah Raplee, and I write romance fiction. They say that admitting the problem is the first step to recovery, but I like being hooked on writing. I’m one of the founders (aka Queens) of Romancing the Genres, along with Judith Ashley.

I grew up in California and on a tropical island in the South Pacific. My interest in writing began in second grade, when I wrote a Mother Goose parody to rave teacher reviews. I decided I wanted to be a mother, an author, a poet, and an artist when I grew up.  Sadly, I soon realized that my total lack of eye-hand coordination effectively eliminated ‘artist’ from the running.

After high school graduation, I followed my heart and married my firefighter/ Coast Guardsman boyfriend and all-round hero. After achieving my goal of motherhood, I earned a teaching degree and worked as an educator, social worker, and  technical writer before getting serious about writing fiction for publication. 

I wouldn't be revising my second book now if it weren't for the support of my husband and my famiIy. My writer sister bought me a membership in the Romance Writers of America to learn the craft and business of fiction writing.  

I write to uplift people and entertain them with my stories, to make them laugh and leave them feeling optimistic about life and love. 
I write paranormal romance with psychic characters. My next project will be a YA Steampunk Romance complete with a mad scientist, a time machine, and zombies. My books are funny, scary, and always include canine characters in secondary roles. Freckles (in the photo) still has his fur in a bunch about the dogs, but Penny-the-Pointer is smiling.

When I crawl out of my Writer’s Cave, I enjoy going on adventures or volunteering with family and friends. Ghost hunting, anyone?


Judith Ashley said...

Hi Sarah,
Great to see you with your canine friends!
We did it!

Jean Murray said...

Congratulations on your launch. It is always nice to meet writers with similar interest.

Terri Molina said...

From one Coastie wife to another....great howdy! =) Loved your intro.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Congrats on the launch of your new site and your writing career.

Jacqueline Seewald
STACY'S SONG--YA romance
TEA LEAVES AND TAROT CARDS--Adult paranormal romance

Sarah Raplee said...

Judith - Yes, we did!

Jean - I enjoy meeting other writers, too. What do you write?

Terri - Howdy back! Where all was your DH stationed?

Jaqueline - Thank you for your kind comment.

Judy said...

Congrats on the launch of your new blog. It looks great with so many guests today.

I love paranormal romances, well all romances, really:)

I live near New Orleans, where there are many ghosts, but not sure I would want to go find them, maybe just read about them!!!

Diana Mcc. said...

Hey, Sis, great job on the Blog. You and Judith are definitely the Queens of Blog. I admire how organized and how smoothly it went for you both.

Sarah Raplee said...

Judy, Thank you for commenting. I like to read widely in the romance genre myself!

I lived in New Orleans for a year when my Dear Husband was in the Coast Guard. Small world, isn't it?

Diana, Thanks for the complement, Sis! I'm so glad you agreed to blog with us!

ElaineCharton said...

I'm always up for a bit of ghost hunting, one of the series I am working on is a haunted B&B.

Sarah Raplee said...

Isn't ghost hunting interesting? We did most of ours ten years ago in Iowa. We started as guests of a TAPS-like group, then did some on our own.

Later, we lived in a hundred-year-old, pleasantly-haunted house for three years. Yes, that influenced my stories!

ElaineCharton said...

The house we moved into when I was 6 was haunted. We were the first family to live there who were not descendants of the original owner. The house was built in 1700's.
The ghost was not harmful or threatening, she used to come check on me at night. My mother told me I was dreaming but I knew I wasn't.
I think she just wanted to be sure the house was in good hands and eventually she did leave.

Anonymous said...

Ghost-hunting?? Count me in!

Your cat thas the greenest eyes I've ever seen ... did she pick out that sweater for you? :)

Tam Linsey said...

Mad scientists?? Mwahaha! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. The combination of subjects you cite--steampunk, mad scientists, time machines, zombies--sounds fascinating!

Terri Molina said...


Before we were married he was station in NY, Guam, Washington State...we met when he was stationed in Sabine Pass Texas, from there we went to Alaska then back to Sabine Pass, then to a few places in Texas again before he retired. It was certainly an adventure, especially with four kids. =)

Sarah Raplee said...

Our haunted house was also benign, although a floating face in a window scared my granddaughter shortly after we moved in. Mostly, we heard the sounds of a party at night - a crowd of faint, happy voices and music.

Green is my favorite color! In the photo, Freckles' eyes are a perfect match for my sweater, but in real life, not so much. I wish they were! The camera matched us up for some reason. LOL

I'm having so much fun with that story!


I grew up on Guam, in the village of Tamuning.

My husband was stationed in San Francisco, North Carlina, Alaska, New Orleans, Oregon,and Texas. By the time he left the Coast Guard, we were ready to put down roots!

I know what you mean about the kids; we have three!

Sarah Raplee said...

LOL, Tam! Exactly. Who can't have fun with mad scientists?

Genene Valleau said...

Sarah, Judith and all: CONGRATULATIONS on your blog launch. Just from the introductory comments by the authors involved, this sounds like it will be an interesting and fun blog!

Helen said...

Thanks for all the work you and Judith did to get us all together. I feel very honored to be a part of this group. Because I've have the pleasure of meeting you and hearing you laugh I know I'm going to like reading your books. Happy hunting for those invisible friends.

Sarah Raplee said...

Helen, thank you for your kind words. It's been a lot of work, but more than worth it to connect with wonderful writers like you! Thank you for joining us. Meeting you was such fun! Your story descriptions intrigue me. I love fresh ideas and unique perspectives!

The only ghost that visits our current house is a cat. Who knew there were ghost cats?

Anonymous said...

What an amazing intro! You ARE the "Queen"! I can't wait for the promised Zombies! Sorry it took so long, but I will definitely be here often, the site is wonderful!
Love Always,
Your Daughter Jen :) xoxoxo

Sarah Raplee said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jen. Glad you like RTG. :)