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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You know you're a writer when the voices in your head aren't your own and they are having an argument. You know you're an inspirational writer when there is a third voice in your head giving the other two voices guidance on how to live their lives.

I write in the genre of Contemporary Inspirational because I'm a believer. Only other believers understand what that means. Those who weren't raptured on May 21, 2011 anyway. lol.

Those who read inspirational novels understand that they are difficult to write because there needs to be two journeys woven together in the fabric of the story.
The first one, of course, is the journey in relationship between the hero and heroine and the other one is the journey in the relationship that the hero and heroine have with Jesus Christ.

People who read Christian romance read it for the same reason everyone else reads romance, for entertainment. We write to entertain our readers and tell a story but we also write to hopefully inspire our readers to seek a relationship with the Lord.

If I had to "bottom line" the genre I would say it is hope. I write Christian romance with characters who are full of flaws, just like us, place them in over the top situations, just like us, and let them know that God loves them, just like us.

So, until the real rapture or my life ends, I will continue to write inspirational stories about romance, life, and a God who loves us all.



Judith Ashley said...

Hi Sheila,
Thanks for a clear post on what the main elements are of an Inspirational Romance. I would imagine your stories have a bit of humor as does your post.

Paty Jager said...

Nice post, Sheila!

Sarah Raplee said...

Sheila, this is the BEST description of Inspirational Romance I've ever read!!! We're so lucky you are a Genre-ista!

There are so many misconceptions about this genre, IMHO. Good Inspirational Romance is not preachy, and it speaks to the Universal Theme of our reltionship with God.

I'm not a Christian, but I do read some Inspirational Romance because there are amazing writers in this genre, and we are Spiritual Beings.

BTW, I'm a Roxanne Rustand fan-girl. :)

Sheila Goodwin said...

Genre-ista? Wow, that is funny!

Jane Lovering said...

I'm not a believer and tend not to seek out Inspirational books, but it is posts like yours that make me want to! Unpreachy, practical and down-to-earth. Keep it up!

Helen said...

Great post! I'd loved to meet you. I'm a follower of Jesus, too. I love your delivery of the genre.

I guess Saturday was a good practice drill for everyone to get it right the next time. LOL

Vonnie Alto said...

Insightful post on crafting an inspirational romance. I'm fascinated by the inspirational thread that can be subtly woven into any romance. Although I don't write inspirational romance, it's in the back of my mind when I write my own stories. Something I plan on striving to include in future works.

Tam Linsey said...

I tried to post earlier, but Blogger didn't like me. I love how you've defined Inspirational writing. It's about a relationship with the Lord as much as it is about a relationship between two people. The ultimate threesome!