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Saturday, June 25, 2011

INTERVIEW: Angi Morgan, 2010 GH WINNER, Category Series Romance: Suspense & Adventure

Angi Morgan

Entry Title, category, year

SEE JANE RUNCategory Series Romance: Suspense & Adventure, 2010

Were you the overall Winner that year? 

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Why did you decide to enter your manuscript in the GH Contest? 
Honestly, I won a chapter drawing. That was the deciding factor. I hoped I was very close to selling, the manuscript was already with Harlequin. But I won the entry fee, waiting until the last minute to enter (just in case). But no word, so I sent it in. Two days after I dropped it in the mail, I received THE call. Too late to withdraw and because it wasn’t a contract, SEE JANE RUN was still eligible. SJR actually went on sale electronically as Hill Country Holdup the same night it won the GH. And I’d already experienced the sale of my second book .38 CALIBER COVER-UP. 
How has being a GH Finalist/Winner affected you as a writer? 
The acknowledgement of the final, helped give me confidence to trust my instincts. I’d re-written the story to fit the way I wanted, instead of relying on others to guide me. The win was a super plus to my confidence. I’m still a paranoid writer, always doubting whether my writing is good enough. But being a winner helped give my husband ammunition: “Honey, YOU’RE the one who wrote the book. Trust yourself.”  Sometimes, my guy’s pretty darn smart.


Sarah Raplee said...

Wow, Angi! Your GH story is enough to make a person believe in Destiny! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Talk about a win, win, win, WIN situation! (I may have missed a win.)

Tam Linsey said...

Wow, cool story!

Judith Ashley said...

Amazing story, Angi. And your guy is 'pretty darn smart' - trusting ourselves is important although I do believe questioning our writing is also. Your story illustrates that doubting yourself works for you! Golden Heart Winner, published, contracts - yep, keep the doubts coming.