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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can Steampunk mix with Romance?

Good morning. As those of you who follow this blog probably already know Steampunk Romance is still so new to the industy that most don't quite know what it is. If you're new to this particular blog, I hope to introduce to you to this really great concept.

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word "Steampunk"? Besides the what is that? For me, I envision copper, steam engines, large steel boilers, and coal. All hard objects, right? Steampunk is about the elements of life that are hard, working in places you'd rather not just to afford how you live, to deal with people you'd rather avoid or to suffer through something because it needs to be done.

But there is another side to Steampunk most people don't initially think about. The softer side of life. Romance is that side of life. Romance give us hope for the future and an escapism from our hard lives. We see romance in the culture of steampunk, by way of the do-it-yourself projects to the language reminiscent of Victorian times.

You can ask any steampunker do they believe romance can mix with Steampunk and the answer'll you'll more than likely will get will be, "I don't see why not". Why not? Victorian era was all about romance mixing with the indutrial revolution. A perfect example would be women's fashion. They were required to wear corsets, yet the material for their dresses were soft and had at least one ruffle somewhere. Queen Victoria herself wore strickly black after her husband died yet it was usually tafetta, silks and velvets. Hard colors within soft fabrics.
Now, I ask can Steampunk and Romance mix? I have to say yes, wholeheartedly. Where would life be without the romance, the hope for the future?

What are your hopes for the future? Find a hard spot in your life and think of something soft, romantic, you can put in that spot. What would it be and why?


Sarah Raplee said...

Mae, I learn something new about Steampunk from every one of your posts! And the pictures are amazing. :)

I hadn't thought about the genre in these terms before, but it rang so true. Love this!

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Mae,

With school starting, the hardest spot in my life is 7 a.m. when the alarm goes off! However, the soft spot is my granddaughter - she is the reason I get up, smile, and see her off/or take her to school. I believe it is important to start each day with love and when we do, the rest of our day goes better.

Vonnie Alto said...


I never thought of Victorian fashion as a mix of Steampunk. How very interesting....

maepen said...

Good morning Sarah. I'm so glad you learn something new. That is my hope. I love learning about something as a modern woman you never think about anymore.

Judith, I completely agree on the getting up in the mornings. I get up about the same time to get my three off to school too. And love makes all the difference in the world.

Hi Vonnie. I'm glad I could make you see something in a different light. Isn't that what romance writers is all about?

Sarah Raplee said...

I forgot to answer your question. Hmmm...a hard spot in my life would be cleaning the house. I thought about this and realized I can listen to an audio book romance while I work to soften the job. :)


maepen said...

Great idea Sarah! I love to listen to music while house cleaning. It always gives me some great ideas for my stories.

Diana Mcc. said...

Love your post! A hard spot for me is missing my appt with my trainer tomorrow, the soft spot is I'll be with my mom when she needs me.