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Friday, September 9, 2011

Navigating across Genres

The subject this month is problematical for me. I thought, I'm not writing across genres at the moment. So how do I put a spin on this subject?
As a reader, I love crossed genre books. Steampunk, vampire romances, shape shifter romances and Romantic Suspense are all fascinating to me. Those types of books are the ultimate diversion from life as I know it.
I've been reading Zoe Archer's trilogy and she sucks me right into her world.
I think it is the escapism that speaks to me. Protecting magic at all costs. Secret societies hell bent on possessing or safeguarding the magic of the world.
Add in a handsome warrior and a heroine who is strong and as the story unfolds a romance. Sigh!
What cross genre books have you read lately? Do you enjoy those types of books?


Judith Ashley said...

I just finished Debbie Macomber's "A Season of Angels" so that is contemporary romance with a bit of angels (paranormal or fantasy). I'm currently reading Linda Lael Miller - pretty much straight historical western. Also had a spurt of reading Susan Mallery, again contemporary romance. So, I'm not much of a blended/cross genre reader right now. I don't do horror, suspense, mystery unless it is light and part of a historical. No Time Travel, science fiction, etc. I am learning all kinds of things about other genres from the Genre-istas and that is a good thing. Who knows, I just might break my own mold and read outside my box!

Sarah Raplee said...

I'm reading Warrior by Zoe Archer, a Steampunk Romance. Read Jenny Cruisie and Bob Mayer's Paranormal Adventure Romance, Wild Ride, recently and loved it. Also Lynn Kurland's Time Travel Romance set in modern England and Medieval England. I love cross-genre books because overall, they tend to be more original and complex in their plots, settings, and characters. and I love to write them!

Diana Mcc. said...


I really enjoy angel books too! I read one by Debbie Macomber a few years ago that was really good. She is such a good writer.

Diana Mcc. said...


Mom just bought "Wild Ride". So I will be reading it next. :))