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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Tour de Troops is Here!


Such a simple thing and so easy to take for granted. Yet it goes so far. Not only for the recipient of that thanks, but for the giver, too.

This Veteran's Day, over fifty authors are touring together in a show of thanks for the men and women who have kept us free.

Active troops, veterans, soldiers. Those fallen, those lost, those who live day by day making sure we live free. Free to choose what to wear, what to say, who to worship.

We at the Indie Book Collective hope you'll join us in a gesture of appreciation, indie author style. Every single person who leaves a comment at any of the blogs in the tour get a free eBook from that author plus one for a soldier. We're talking bestsellers, award-winners and titles across the genres.

The blog posts range from musical and photo tributes to coverage of groundbreaking documentaries. From personal stories to childhood dreams. The comments tell their own story.

We're also combining our efforts to send multiple Kindles to troops and vets, too. Because they deserve far more, but being readers and writers, we give what we love most.

The tour kicked off Friday 11/11/11 at and will be going strong with moving posts, amazing stories and heartfelt comments in an effort not only to thank our freedom fighters, but to increase awareness, too.

Last Memorial Day, the Blog Tour de Troops raised enough money for seven Kindles and the participating authors donated 10,000 ebooks to troops. Let's beat that number! Hoo-wah!

After all, what is being indie if not being free?

Thank you.


Judith Ashley said...

Thanks to you, Amber, and the other Indie Authors who've put this campaign together. A much bigger Thank You to our nation's freedom fighters.

Diana Mcc. said...

What a wonderful way to thank our troops who put their lives on the line everyday to protect our freedoms. Kudos to all of you Indie Authors!

Cindy Sample said...

I'm thrilled to participate and please give my book to one of our fine men or women! I wish I could thank every one of them in person.

Sarah Raplee said...

What a moving post, Amber!

We are thrilled here at RTG to help promote this wonderful project.