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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Christmas List

I have to admit that I was drawn to this book, The Christmas List, because of my novel, The Magical Man List. I had no idea what Richard Paul Evan's list would be about but I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be a "man list."

The Christmas List is a story of redemption. If you want to get into the spirit of giving, right wrongs, and start 2012 off right, you'll find inspiration in this story. It reminded me of the Charles Dicken's classic without the ghosts and set in modern times.

A ruthless businessman and all-around rotten person, James Kier ends up reading his obituary in the local paper, and the comments from readers online. Everyone seems to be happy the mean old son-of-a-bitch is dead. Only problem is, he's not. Seeing how people really see him, he asks his secretary to make a list of all the people he's wronged and tries to make amends.

It's pretty predictable, although not everything turns out great, and you'll need a few tissues to finish this holiday tear-jerker. But despite the tears, I really enjoyed it and read it in one night. So if you want to be inspired, check it out.

Now if you are looking for a man...I recommend my book, The Magical Man List. You'll laugh more than cry and the new edition has four bonus non-fiction chapters that will tell you how to make your list. It worked for me! And wouldn't that be a wonderful stocking stuffer...the man of your dreams. Already got your guy...books make terrific Christmas gifts. That's all I'm saying.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for reviewing Richard Paul Evan's book "The Christmas List". Interesting to bring elements of a classic story into the present including the internet. I know you can comment on newspaper articles if you read them on-line. I've read a couple threads but I've not commented.

Interesting concept - what would the comments be after my obituarary if that happened to me today. Something to think about.

Amazing how those Magical Lists work! I've known several women (in particular) who've made up their list of an ideal husband/man and he did appear. Glad it happened to you!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Christie,
I enjoyed reading your review. Nothing I like more than a redemption type Christmas story.



Sarah Raplee said...

I enjoyed your review, Christie. Those magical lists do work!

Years ago, my husband wanted a dog. We took a couple of puppies 'on trial', but when they didn't work out our pre-schooler became quite upset. I wanted to wait until she was older before trying again.

But my husband was determined to find the right dog. He kept after me until I finally made a Magical Dog List: Everything I wanted in my Perfect Dog.

Darned if he didn't find her in the paper the next Sunday! And she WAS perfect, and we had her for fifteen wonderful years. :)