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Thursday, November 24, 2011


This story, in my opinion, could be construed as a holiday themed romance because it is set in an unusual place for romance novels – Belarus.

Rx In Russian by Mona Risk – The Wild Rose Press

Dr Jillian Burton, a Paediatric/Neonatal specialist is in Belarus for a short time as part of an American Health Delegation to improve childrens’ health. In the Solidarity Hospital in Minsk she meets up with, and is instantly drawn to, the charismatic hospital director, Dr Fyodor Vassilov.

Each of these doctors carry the scars of tragedies from their past. Fyodor for the loss of his wife, the mother of his four sons, and Jillian is guilt ridden for causing the death of her only child.

The author obviously knows Belarus well and this drew me in straight away. I could feel the icy cold, visualize the cars frozen in the street, and the majestic old buildings that were long past their glory days.

This was a moving romantic story, brilliantly portraying a country and culture I know little about. The story was a gripping one, beautifully written and full of passion. Fyodor and Jillian each have to ride an emotional rollercoaster before they achieve their HEA ending, and when it happened, it was certainly worth waiting for.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mona Risk is a multi-published, multi-award winning American author.
She is published by one of my publishers, The Wild Rose Press.

Margaret Tanner
Published author


Judith Ashley said...

Hi Margaret, You've certainly described a book where the setting is a strong character. Just reading your description of the icy cold, etc. I shivered. I've added RX in Russia to my TBR list. A well-written, interesting story in an unusual setting with strong characters - what's not to like!

Margaret Tanner said...

Thanks for stopping by Judith. I hate the cold so I certainly was very aware of it in the story.
I would never be able to live anywhere like that.



Mona Risk said...

Hi Margaret, I am so glad you enjoyed reading Rx in Russian. Yes, I have been to Belarus, and to its capital, Minx, several times on business trips. I had the opportunity to appreciate the hospitality of a people I knew nothing about before meeting several Belarusians through my project in Belarus. Thank you for a lovely review.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Mona,
My pleasure, I really enjoyed reading RX In Russia and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a great read.



Bron said...

Hi Margaret - I'd love to read this book. I too traveled through Russia and visited Minsk. I can visualize the setting clearly.

What made you think of setting a book in Russia. I think that's fabulous and I'd buy it just for that.

Another TBR.