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Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas On Nutcracker Court

Judy Duarte’s sweet contemporary Christian Romance, Christmas on Nutcracker Court, takes place in Fairbrook, a small town with old-world Victorian charm.

The long cast of characters include hardworking beautician, Carly Westbrook, a financially challenged single mom with two young boys; grumpy neighbor, Max Tolliver, an aspiring novelist who’s run out of inspiration to finish his novel; Grant Barrows, who is down-on-his luck; Hemingway, a large furry dog with a mind of his own; and the Diamond Lils, four women of varied backgrounds who play poker.

Add in Mary Margaret Di Angelo, better known as Maggie, an angel in disguise who shines a light on relationships, motivation, and God’s message to us without preaching, for a heartwarming read.

Despite lots of people in her story, including various townspeople who round out the cast adding depth and possibilities, Ms. Duarte makes sure they all have a purpose giving the reader a glimpse of how their lives will turn out. Part of the plot is conventional (Carly’s car with a trunk full of Christmas presents for her boys is repossessed Christmas Eve, after the stores are closed, of course). However, her solution to the plight of her heroine is one from the heart. (No, I won’t tell you and spoil it).

December 10, 2011, Judy Duarte will be our guest at Romancing The Genres. Make a point to stop back then (if not many times before that) and visit with her. You can find Christmas on Nutcracker Court and Judy’s other books at www.JudyDuarte.com.


Sarah Raplee said...

This sounds like a charming Holiday read! Thanks, Judith!

Judith Ashley said...

I enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah.

Diana Mcc. said...

sounds like a sweet and uplifting story. I personally love Christmas stories and have been known to read them even in summer!

Judith Ashley said...

I bought four Christmas stories this summer when Borders was going out of business to prepare for our November reviews. A good story, even with a holiday theme, is a good read any time of the year.