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Friday, November 11, 2011

"The First Love Cookie Club"

“The First Love Cookie Club”
Walking through Barnes & Noble in October, I spotted a Christmas cover on a book by Lori Wilde. I had never read anything written by her and so I thought why not? This will be my book for reviewing on Romancing the Genres.

Not only is Lori Wilde a wonderful author, the story is heartwarming, the characters are believable and it's well written.

When Sarah was 15 years old visiting her Grandmother in Twilight, TX, she slept with the famous kismet cookies under her pillow. The legend goes that if you do this you dream of your one true love, your soul mate.
She dreams of Travis Walker and crashes his wedding the next day wearing a jingle bell sweater and reindeer antlers, to declare that Travis and she belong together. Travis gets married anyway, and Sarah’s heart is broken. 

Sarah grows up and while living in New York, writes “The Magic Christmas Cookie” book under the pen name of “Sadie Cool”. She becomes famous and the book is a best seller. A little girl who is critically ill, one of her biggest fans, writes and asks Sarah to come to Twilight, Texas, for the town's Christmas celebration. Sarah goes to Twilight hoping a change of scenery will help her with writer's block and discovers the little girl, Jazzy, is the daughter of the now divorced Travis.

Jazzy is sweet, likable and critically ill. Travis has become a wonderful dedicated father. He wants Sarah to give them a chance at romance and she wants to get the festivities over so she can leave Twilight, TX, and get back to her apartment in N.Y.
The pages heat up with sexual tension after they share a kiss beneath mistletoe at the
community dance and of course, after overcoming all the complications that arise, Sarah, Travis & Jazzy get their Happily Ever After. 

“The First Love Cookie Club” is a great read for the holidays or anytime!


Judith Ashley said...

Diana, "The First Love Cookie Club" looks delicious! Is the plate of cookies from the book itself or something you found? That graphic certainly adds to your description of the story.

I love it when a 'spur of the moment' decision brings great results. I found a couple of treasures myself looking for a 'holiday-themed' book this summer.

Paty Jager said...

Sounds like a great holiday read!

Sarah Raplee said...

The Kismet Cookies remind me of the spell for finding true love in Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic - charming, quirky, magical. This sounds like a Holiday story I'd really enjoy!

Thanks, Diana. :)

Laurie Ryan said...

Oooh. This sounds intense. Thanks for the recommendation.

Diana Mcc. said...

Judith the cookie graphic was from the internet. I struggled getting the graphics and placing them in the blog. It's a learning curve!

Sarah, I love Practical Magic, one of my all time favorites. Love the movie too. I think I've seen it about 4 times. Wish they'd make a sequel.

Laurie & Paty, thanks for stopping by. I love a good Christmas read. My next one on my list is Paty's "Christmas Redemption"