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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Wish You A NaNo Christmas

B. A. Binns here, I'm glad to see you joining the Genreistas today.

First of all, I will admit that Halloween is my number one big holiday of the year. Once I put away my costume and say goodby to the little tricksters, things are all downhill. As a long time victim of SADS (seasonal affective disorder) I totally understand Scrooge.
That said, I will soon be laying in supplies so I can spend the winter curled up in front of the fireplace while the refrain, “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…” comes from the radio.  I said radio on purpose, I’m not a TV person. 

I want a little music, a roaring fireplace and a good read.
It looks like the 2011 NaNoWriMo might have produced more than just a few good reads. Since I joined the thousands across the world who did the mad NaNoWriMo sprint during November. My effort included completion of the first draft of a new YA novel (Titled LEAH, after the book's heroine) There's nothing Christmasy about this story, althought I did manage to work in a little bit of Halloween. 

The manuscript I finished just before beginning NaNo - BEING GOD, included a dysfunctional family Christmas dinner. Trust me, pulling that chapter together was enough to last me for a good, long time. 
But in the spirit of the season, I took a look at some of the Christmasy things other NaNo writers created. They got into the spirit of the season, no matter what genre they chose.

Erotic Fiction
Christmas Magic
Kaleb Kraig Kringle has a famous family and secrets to keep, so he can’t afford to get close to anyone. Lonely businessman Russell Lewis should have been just another hook-up. But after last night, dawn feels like a beginning instead of an ending. 
S.O.S. Save Our Santa
Santa is caught in the middle of a power struggle between the North and South Poles.
Horror & Supernatural
Christmas Evil
Everything you know about Christmas is a candy cane coated falsehood. The horrifying truth includes demons scampering through the night collecting both the naughty and nice for the feast of the evil one.
A Cauley Christmas

Obituary Writer Cauley’s Christmas to-do list begins with 1. Identify the Dead Guy. She also wants to win the love of the handsome FBI Special Agent.
Satire, Humor & Parody
The Christmas we decided to kill Dad!
After years of suffering through endless Christmas dinners with Dad, the women of the family conspire to kill him.
Young Adult
Not at Mom’s for Christmas
After years of feeling like a pawn in the battle between his divorced parents, Quincy hatches a plan to spend the holiday without either parent, and winds up changing all their lives forever.
While I won't say which ones, a few of these make me hope the authors get them finished and on the shelves soon.   


Is anyone else out there working on a Christmas novel or short story? Share with us, so we can look forward to grabbing your story for that next great holiday read.

I'm glad for NaNo and the way it encourages people all over the world to further their dream of writing a book. For all of you who tried, CONGRATULATIONS!!

P. S.

Don't forget, Barbara Vey, Contributing Editor at Publishers Weekly, is holding her first annual Reader Appreciation Luncheon on April 10, 2012 in Wisconsin, set to occur just before the RT Booklovers convention opens in Chicago. As one of the attending authors, I invite all readers of YA Romance to join me there.   Information on the luncheon is available at a special website - http://www.barbaraveyreaders.com/


Judith Ashley said...

The Lady and The Sacred Grove ends on Winter Solstice with the heroine and hero marrying. The Queen of Swords and the Knight of Pentacles starts after the wedding with the heroine taking a good hard look at her marriage and making some decisions about her future.

I don't personally celebrate Christmas although I do Winter Solstice and other pagan sabbats so those are what I feature in "The Women's Circle" series.

I didn't do NaNo this year but The Lady and The Sacred Grove is a NaNo book as is The Queen of Swords and The Knight of Pentacles (book 3). It's a great way for me to get that first draft done.

Sarah Raplee said...

This year I was deep in revisions during NaNO, so it was NoNaNo for me! NaNo taught me that I need to write a draft straight through and do all the revisions and editing afterwards. Doing NaNo changed my writing process for the better forever.

No Holiday story on the horizon at this point for me.

Congratulations on finishing Being God and drafting Leah, B.A.!

Louise Behiel said...

I could no more do Nano than fly to the moon, so I have the deepest respect for anyone who can write a full book in a month. Well done

Brenda ND said...

Hey B.A.
I'm a NaNoWriMo winner too and you're one of my writing buddies. I enjoyed watching your word counts climb and I wish you the best on your revisions.