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Monday, January 9, 2012

Favorite Date Night-Valentines Day

Valentine's day is probably a jeweler's favorite holiday next to Christmas and Mothers Day.
Yes, I am a girl who does love her bling. Especially earrings. I have friends who call me an earring slut and it's a label I wear proudly. However believe it or not it is not my favorite Valentine gift. SHHH, be sure my husband doesn't see that.

My husband and I met on a blind date One of the reasons I agreed to go out with him was he offered to take me for Chinese food. It has become our go-to meal for celebrations.

What would my favorite date night include, beside Chinese food and maybe some wine? Movies, specifically old movies from the 30's and 40's. I was born well after most of these were made but I spent many hours watching them with my mother. They influenced in some way the heroes I create even today.

Luckily my husband enjoys them as well. While enjoying dumplings and maybe twice-cooked beef or sesame chicken we would watch The Thin Man with William Powell, Random Harvest with Ronald Coleman or my all time favorite movie Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart. There is also my more modern favorites, anything with Hugh Jackman or Colin Firth. Although my husband does have a limit on the number of times he will watch Pride and Prejudice with me. I guess love only goes so far.


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Elaine.
Can't get excited about Chinese food, but Random Harvest and Cassablanca, now you are really speaking my language. Love them both along with Mrs Miniver with Greer Garson. I used to watch these films with my mother too.



Paty Jager said...

Fun date night. My husband doesn't like Chinese Food. We usually go to Italian when we go out or steak. And he's not a fan of the old movies but he will watch romantic comedies and prefers them over action/adventure.

Sarah Raplee said...

For a movie date night, we'd probably get Middle Eastern/Persian takeout and watch a modern romantic comedy - although I do love some of the old movies that have HEA endings, like Bringing Up Baby with Katherine Hepburn.

ElaineCharton said...

Yea when I tell people Chinese food I usually get looks. It's not your usual date night food but it works for us. My husbands first masters degree is in Asian Studies. He lived in Taiwan for 3 months back in the late 70's.
I try and limit the HEA we watch together. I know he doesn't like it as much. Gowing up with all those boys I got used to watching action/adventure so that's not a problem either.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Elaine, I don't have someone to have 'date night' with but I love Thai food and my special treat is a near-by Thai restaurant where I order their fresh spring rolls, mussaman curry and coconut ice cream. I always have to bring home some of the curry to have room for the coconut ice cream.

Movies? I'm not a big movie person but I still like to watch the Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies. Another all time favorite is The Ghost and Mrs. Muir with Greer Garson (can't remember who played The Ghost).

And I've seen Legally Blonde many many times - always smile and laugh at and with Elle. I used to watch Pretty Woman regularly but the scene where Jason Alexander hits her became too much for me at some point. Interesting how one scene can detract so strongly from a movie (or book).

Lots of fun reading what favorite date night is for others! Thanks!