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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Do Demons Do Better?

What Do Demons Do Better?


The ones we write about are gorgeous, have lots of stamina (be still my beating heart!), would fight to the death on your behalf, and give you the adventure of a lifetime.

So what’s so special about Jared, AKA Patient 1172, of Crying Souls Hospital and Asylum. And his patient number has to do with the asylum, not the hospital. He’s unshaven, filthy, wild-eyed, and diagnosed as a homicidal maniac. For a human, that’s really bad. For a demon it’s even worse.

So why would Dr. Lili Carter fall for him?

He’s a demon and knows just what the sexy witch needs.

She needs him.

Lili was first introduced in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. All the reader knew back then was that she was a doctor and a good friend of Jazz Tremaine.

I have this idiosyncrasy with my writing. I want each book to be perfect for the witch I’m writing next. You have no idea what stories I tossed around in my head until I settled on this story. I was able to bring in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco, create a magickal plane where the pretenaturals could shop, eat, and feel comfortable no matter what they looked like, and throw in some history at the same time.  

That’s the nice thing about witches who are 700+ years young. They’ve lived through a lot of historical periods and I can bring them in. 
For Lili, I had her once working as a matron in the English hospital known as Bedlam. Over the centuries she was able to move past that horrific period only to be thrown back into it when she returned to Crying Souls Asylum with their ogre aides and cells for the inmates. Including one fascinating inmate named Jared, who just might not be as insane as the head doctor claims he is.  
Shadow demon Jared may have been a prisoner/patient for many years, but he’s somehow managed to hold on to a little sanity. Especially when a lovely doctor takes an interest in him.  
Then the question is what kind of sidekick will Lili have? Clich├ęd, perhaps, but a cat came to mind. It’s no joke that cats are arrogant, but Cleo, yes THAT Cleo, is beyond that mindset. The fluffy Persian shows the reader a whole new feline nature.  
A Demon Does it Better is darker than my previous books. Shows pieces of history that are equally dark, but everyone who knows me, also is aware my twisted sense of humor will rear its head and make the readers laugh too.  
I write what I read. I hope my readers will smile as they read the book. That they’ll mutter because they can’t put the book down. Sigh over the sexy hero and identify with the heroine. That they’ll wish the magickal creatures would show up in their house.  
If I’ve done that, then I know I’ve done my job.  
Wait a minute. It’s not a job. It’s a labor of love. 
And is there anything better than that?  
Well, except for chocolate! 
So tell me, what do you consider a labor of love? Do you sense that in the books you read?


Diana Mcc. said...

Great post Linda! I haven't read your books, however, I plan on purchasing one today. I really like paranormal books.

I believe that it is a labor of love for the author if she/he can make me suspend my belief of reality and care about what happens to the characters: witch, cat, demon, vampire etc.

Happy New Year!

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Diana! Then you also need to meet Fluff and Puff, Jazz's magick bunny slippers. They have their own fan base.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Linda, Yes, I can sense the passion the author has for the characters, setting, plot in books I read - and notice it missing in others.

I consider one of my labors of love finding a home for my contemporary romance/romantic women's fiction stories that have a strong alternative spirituality element. I know there is an audience out there - finding the right publisher or going the self-publishing route is my labor of love in 2012.

Angela M. said...

Definitely a labor of love ;) Congrats on the recent release, Linda. The story sounds great, and I can't wait to read it. It's in my cloud already so I'm gonna push it to the top of the list. Have a great weekend!

Stacie said...

I can't imagine how hard it must be to write! I have the attention span of a gnat and lose interest but books, I make it a point to finish every one I pick up.

Linda Wisdom said...

That's an excellent goal, Judith. You do what's good for you.

Thanks Angela.

Hi Stacie. There's times I'm easily distracted.

Sarah Raplee said...

Your books sound just like my cup of tea, Linda! Time to add them to my TBR pile - near the top, of course.:)

When a book is a labor of love, it shows in the way the writer stays true to her voice, her core story, and major themes, I believe.

If a writer follows a trend that's not true to who she is, the book lacks that certain spark.

Fun post!

Cori C said...

Very clever of you, Linda, to position your next heroine so well in your current story! It sounds like a super book!

Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Sarah! There have been times I've fought for my characters and what they're doing because suggestions aren't them.

Hi Cori C, Strange as it sounds one of my favorite movies is Boris Karloff's Bedlam. It also inspired the book since I wanted to show a hint of what it had been like back then. I love the idea of weaving hints of history in my books. It's also a lot of fun for me.

Lisa Kessler said...

Hi Linda -

I love this cover!!! :) The book sounds fabulous too!

Writing is definitely a labor of love... :)

I hope the book is a huge success for you!!!

Lisa :)

Gina G. said...

Hi Linda! You know I love your stories - I wish I could be on a weekend camping (cabins - not tents) with you and others, sitting around making smores and telling stories...you get your character mojo going while I learn more background on what have become some of my truly favorite reads.

Labor of Love - creating - anything. Writing, quilting, stain glass, doll making, dancing, music...to me it's all about the soul and freeing that part of ourselves that is vulnerable.

Gina Growe in Springfield, IL where right now my "labor of love" is snoring on the sofa cause "His Royal Highness Ambrose" has had a bath (long haired German Shepherd), been dried and brushed, cuddled, given cookies and is totally exhausted from being pampered. What a life!

Linda Wisdom said...

Bring the wine and chocolate, Gina!

My babies have decided they're starving and even woke me up from a nap to demand their dinner. This flu has really taken it out of me. The thing is, they conveniently forgot to tell me their dad fed them ten minutes earlier!

ElaineCharton said...

For those who haven't read Linda's books. You are in for a treat. I know I've read them all.