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Monday, February 13, 2012

Go ahead, take a Leap....

It's been bought to my attention that 2012 is a leap year. Which got me thinking. Yes, those who know me can stop laughing, you know who you are!

When you say it's leap year most people will think that is the day women can ask men to marry them. At least that is what I was bought up to think.

These days I think of someone taking a leap in faith and trusting that the powers that be, whichever you may worship, will help and protect you.

My husband used to be a librarian, he lost his job and was working as a temp in different libraries in the state we lived at the time. Then 9-11 happened. Unfortunately, when people start cutting back for some insane reason libraries are the place they cut first. He ended up working in Barnes and Noble but the salary was not great. I had a good job but you can't live in New Jersey on a salary and a half. Not when your rent is $1000/month.

A friend and her husband had moved to Arizona and had been trying to convince us to join them. They had retreated with their campaign for a while but started again when my husband lost his job. I kept saying I would think about it. Then winter settled in with all it's glory. It was one of the worst winters up to that time. We had to shovel snow it seemed like every day. I fell twice and ended up with cortisone shots in my knees and elbow. One day, when a usually 20 minute drive took 90 minutes because of the snow and ice, I had enough. I said to my husband, "Lets do this!"

Now you have to understand that we were not spring chickens. I was 49 and my husband 47.
Needless to say our family and some of our friends thought we were insane. All I know is once we made the decision to move, everything fell into place. The only thing I requested was to wait until the birth of my youngest brother's first child. We left mid-May and took our time driving cross country. I saw whole areas of the country I thought I would never see. We stopped to see friends along the way. Memorial day weekend we arrived at our destination. We had planned to stay in a motel one more night but at that point I was tired of driving and just wanted to get there.

I remember as we drove into New Mexico and I looked at those wonderful mountains I turned to my husband and said, "I'm home". That feeling lasted into the next state and on to our destination. It remains that way even today eight years later. Oh yea, after writing and submitting for 12 years, I sold my first book in 2003. Six months after arriving here. We took a leap of faith and we are both so glad we did.


Judith Ashley said...

Elaine, I always say if it's too hard, The Universe is sending me a message. As soon as I read that everything fell into place once you made the decision I knew your story had a 'happily ever after' ending.

Paty Jager said...

Elaine, it sounds like you made the right leap. Congrats on the sale and the move to the West.

maepen said...

Elaine, I know exactly how you felt. It was the safe feeling I got when my husband and daughter and I moved across country to the Pacific Northwest. It was just like coming home! I'm glad you found your perfect home.

Sarah Raplee said...

You are a courageous couple! Thank you for sharing your story. :)

Christy Carlyle said...

Isn't it wonderful when you find "home" - whatever that means to you? It sounds like you made a great decision and your leap was bountifully rewarded. Great story. Thanks for sharing!

ElaineCharton said...

Thank you every one! Maepen-isn't that a wonderful feeling. We've traveled several times since then and the minute we get close to Tucson the same thing happens.