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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do You Recognize Yourself? (Or…Come On Out of the Closet All You Readers of Erotic Fantasy!)

I am a nut about fantasy. And romance. And dragons. And shape-shifting romantic creatures. Add hot sex to the mix and I’ve found my reading bliss.

There, I’ve said it. I’m out of the closet. I’m done hiding my personal reading preferences like I used to. No more turning the book covers upside down when people visit, or offering some vague response to  ‘what are you reading these days?” No, my pretty little colorful paranormal romance and fantasy books line the shelves of my biggest living room bookcase. Not only that, I write books like this.


I started off as a sci-fi geek to the core. I even attended a Star Trek convention as an adult and gawked in worshipful delight just like every other geek crowding the aisles. Then, in the 80’s, in one of those turns that change your life, I found a used copy of “Interview With a Vampire’ by Ann Rice in a bookstore. It was all over after that, as far as reading preferences go. Vampires and magic - Oh My!

It was actually around the late 90’s- early 2000 that the genre Paranormal Romance began to take hold. The genre name was barely known then. You could find me on any given weekend roaming the romance aisles of the local bookstore, searching for anything remotely fantasy and romance connected. I especially sought out the ones that promised sex scenes. (Gah- I’m outing myself again!) I was thrilled to discover books like those of Laurel Hamilton and her world of sexy vampires and paranormal creatures. To my observation, at that time the bookstores were very limited in selection, both in paranormal fantasy and romance books in general that featured more graphic sex.

It wasn’t too long before about a million women just like me discovered this new trend in romance. I have a clear memory of Powell’s bookstore in downtown Portland in 2005 with no shelves at all identified as paranormal romance. Now, there’s an entire wall length of books, stuffed floor to ceiling with titles. Not only that, the graphic sex in romance novels in general exploded onto the market, in genres beyond paranormal. Erotic romance found its way into more ‘respectability’—with sexy plot lines that promised heated sensuality, not pornography. Erotic romance offers a happily-ever-after, and romance still drives the core story.

By 2006 I decided to try my hand at writing one of these hot little numbers myself.  I’ve always been a writer, a teller of stories, and moving to Portland clinched the deal. Portland is a romance writer’s dream, as far as I’m concerned. The Willamette river running along side the downtown cityscape, the picturesque old bridges spanning the river…The rainy days of winter perfect for staying in and writing.

And what, may you ask, do they actually inspire me to write about? The shanghai tunnels, the bridges, the water, Old Town Portland with it’s turn of the century brick buildings brought dragons to life in this writer’s heart. Of course. Shape-shifting, sexy, clever, dragons called the ‘Draca ‘ who discover a romantic preference for modern Portland girls who carry a little something ‘extra’ in their bloodline. Both my books are set in Portland. In the most recent book, Cara and the Draca, there’s a climactic scene featuring a fire breathing, roaring dragon on top of the Fremont bridge. Waaay fun to write.

My writing journey continues as the Draca, and all the other paranormal creatures you find in Portland, (yes, it’s true), urge me to continue spinning spicy romance stories about shape-shifters and the women who love them. And, in case you are wondering, this includes lots of hot sex, along with some rather, uh, imaginative and unusual interspecies sensuality.  There, how’s that for true confessions?

Okay. Your turn!

About the Author
Louisa Kelley, who was born in the year of the Dragon and of course considers herself part Draca, continues her obsession with dragons while she writes the third book in her series, “ Daughters of Draca.” The second book, Cara and the Draca, was just released by Loose-Id. Louisa lives in Portland, Oregon and is a member of Romance Writers of America and Rose City Romance Writers. She'd love you to join her in some over-the-top erotic adventures with the Draca; dragon shape-shifters of a very different kind.

She’ll be on a grand blog tour in March and one lucky commenter will win a $25 Amazon gift certificate. To find out where she is at any given time, check out:

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Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for guesting with us, Louisa. Interesting post with some good historical information about the growth and popularity of a genre.

Paty Jager said...

Fun post! I like to read hot romance and I've been told my scenes are "steamy" but I've never been a otherworld creature enthusiast. So I'm not much of a paranormal reader even though I have a paranormal trilogy.

It's great you found what you enjoy to write.

Diana Mcc. said...

The history lesson on paranormal and erotica was very interesting. I love paranormal. My favorite Anne Rice book was "The Mummy", totally a love story.

I like the Dragons you feature in your books. I'll put them on my TBR shelf.

Sarah Raplee said...

Thank you for guesting with us, Louisa!
I, too, am a fantasy and paranormal fan. "imaginative and unusual interspecies sensuality" has god my curiosity meter humming! Guess I'd better buy the books!