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Monday, March 5, 2012

Giving back is my passion

By Paty Jager

We were asked to write about what we’re passionate about. I would have to say what I’m most passionate about is giving back. Giving back to the organizations who have made me who I am and giving back to the community.

When my children were small our next door neighbor girl knocked on my door and asked if I’d be her 4-H leader. Her leader was retiring and she wanted to continue to learn to sew and cook.  I’d had one year of both while growing up and decided I could do this. It was twenty-two years later when I hung up my 4-H leader hat because we’d purchased land and I wasn’t home enough to fit in 4-H meetings. Now, I travel around the state judging at county fairs and spreading my little bit of expertise to the new 4-H members and leaders.

When my children were in school I volunteered in the school in the classrooms, the computer center, and the PTA. I believe in helping out where you’re needed.

Joining RWA(Romance Writers of America) was the best thing I could have done for my writing career. And as I learned more and found the organization to be the best thing for upcoming writers, I held officer positions in the chapter I belonged to and then started teaching workshops at conferences and on line. I’ve mentored several writers and believe in spreading the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years to new writers.

A few years ago I joined COWG(Central Oregon Writers Guild) and stepped into the role of getting speakers for their meetings and taught several Saturday workshops as well as at meetings.

I donate a gift basket every year to Brenda Novak’s online auction for diabetes, give money when a store is collecting for a cause, and click the pink ribbon on the Breast Cancer Awareness site. I don’t do large donations to any organization that I have to give my name. I don’t like them harassing me for more money than I’m prepared to give. But my time… I’ll give it freely to a cause. I help wrap packages for the Shop with a Cop program at Christmas time and have wrapped packages at the Fire Department.

My passion is giving back and there are days I wish I could give more. But I give what I can and believe every bit helps in some small way.

Do you have a passion that you give time or money to? What is it?


Sarah Raplee said...

I can attest to your passion, Paty! You've given so much to us here at RTG, helping us learn and grow.

Always wondered how you ended up as a county fair judge! now I know!

Mindy Hardwick said...

Thank you for your post! Giving back is one of my passions too, and I'm always glad to read about others who are giving back.

Helen Hardt said...

Hi Paty! I do the same thing -- I like to give back. I've put in many volunteer hours at the causes that are dear to my heart. It's a great way to show gratitude for what's good in my own life.

Paty Jager said...

Sarah, Thank you.

Thank you, Mindy. I believe the world would be better off if everyone gave back just a little. There are too many takers.

Hi Helen! I agree. Thanks for stopping in.

Diana Mcc. said...

Great post, Paty. I gave back as a cub scout leader, 4-H leader and a volunteer at the hospital in Grass valley Calif. I have been checking out volunteer positions in Bend, OR and come spring will be volunteering for one.

It always feels good to give back to the community!

Paty Jager said...

Diana, Yes I think if more people gave back they would have a whole new outlook on life.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Paty,

My volunteer activities have shrunk a bit - used to be very active in The William Glasser Institute, serving in varied capacities over the years. I still teach and mentor others but holding office, etc. Not any more.

I also donate my time and energy to the State Advisory Committe for the Independent Living Program whose mission is to support youth aging out of foster care.

Being a good neighbor - helping out where I can (going to the store, dog sitting, pitching in on a project) is much more my speed these days.

And, I've stopped donating funds to programs I do believe in because I get some much mail from them throughout the year - I'm sure my contribution is just mailed back to me instead of being used to support their cause.

Now I contribute what I can to Free Arts NW and Kinship House, local programs that provide much needed resources right here at home for children and their families.

It doesn't take much to make a difference in someone's life and that small thing we do gives back to us many times over.

Paty Jager said...

I agree, Judith. You have an impressive list of volunteerism! Way to go!