07-21-18 Patricia Sargeant

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June is the traditional month for weddings. Big one, small ones and everything in between. Personally, I got married the day after Christmas but that was so my darling husband could remember our anniversary. *g* Okay, maybe it was also because he was accepting a job with General Dynamics (in California) and we had to get married and move from PA to the west coast in a very short period of time. We could have moved and gotten married later, but I wasn’t going to transplant my entire life without being married to the guy. No way I was going to chance his looking at us as a casual relationship that could break up and I would find myself 2000 miles away from all my family and friends. Yes, I was in love but I also have a terribly logical side that makes me look at all things from all angles. My curse, such as it is. So anyway, we decided on a post-Christmas wedding. Cool side was the church was already decorated. A big plus on a limited budget and let me tell you, 30 years ago, our budget was as limited as it gets. His family made all the food for the reception, his uncle and aunt gave us their first wedding ring set to get married with, his mother gave him her diamond cocktail ring (a collection of all the diamonds from her four marriages—long story but she actually found love four times in her life), I made my bride’s gown and my MIL made my maid of honor dress for my now SIL. We had a VERY tiny budget. But what we did have was an enduring love. At least, I believe we do since this holiday season we will celebration our 31st anniversary.


Judith Ashley said...

What I love about your story, Laura, is how everyone pitched in to support you both. They must have seen the signs of the enduring love you and your husband share to this day.

BTW: Your curse sounds like a blessing to me perhaps because I have a similar one. I am still in Oregon instead of Delaware or North Dakato because I wasn't willing to chance moving 2 and 3K miles away from everything I'd known without the ring on my finger. Time passed and life happened and they are there and I am here.

Paty Jager said...

I don't think the size of the wedding matters it's that both people believe in the words spoken and are willing to make it work.

Congrats on the 30 years!!

Sarah Raplee said...

December weddings rock! (Mine''s Dec. 4th.

I love how everything about your wedding was meaningful.


ElaineCharton said...

What a wonderful story! Everything on that day was very special.