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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How a Book Trailer is Like a Wedding

by Tam Linsey

I am creating an arranged marriage - the joining together of video and audio into a book trailer for Botanicaust. (I know the theme for June is weddings, but I'm going to show my inner geek here and talk techno.) Believe me, it's as much work as planning a wedding. Both require picking the right music, arranging visual items like flowers / photo slides, and putting together words to create vows / a movie script.

Finding the right music to accompany my slideshow proved to be a lot like searching for the right man, but I've finally found a score I like. Well, mostly. I made a few changes using Garage Band software. If only a man could be so easily convinced to pick up his socks.
Gimp stands for
"GNU Image Manipulation Program"

When an image wasn't exactly what I imagined, I altered it, like a bride who wants her wedding dress to look perfect. (My images require lots of naked green skin. That's fun.) I've become pretty adept using Gimp, my photo editing software.

Fonts are another issue. Like vows, I could use the standard set, or I could do something special. The words have to be readable, set a tone, and yet be unique to the book trailer. There are several websites out there offering free fonts if you have time to browse.

Writing the script was even harder, like speaking wedding vows aloud. Am I saying it right? Do people understand me? What if I look stupid?

How many married people out there wrote their own vows? You know what I'm talking about.

So, there's my techno-analogy on an arranged marriage. Or planning a wedding. Whatever. I have a feeling when I'm finished with this project, I may just cry for joy. Hmmm, that sounds a lot like a wedding, too.

P.S. I attempted to embed a video of the Botanicaust book trailer, but I'm not sure it will work (I might talk techno, but I'm fairly new at all of it.) If the video does not play, you can also see it here. I'd love to know what you think!

© Tam Linsey, 2011. All rights reserved.


shepline said...

Very interesting. Going to have to think about this for my book, The End of All Worlds...


Tam Linsey said...

You should! Norse mythology would be fun to put into pictures. I used PowerPoint and converted it to a movie.

Judith Ashley said...

Wow! Tam - I'm so impressed!!!!! Congratulations on the book trailer and yes, you did embed it because I just watched it. Loved the heart beat thump in the background. Really had mine jumping!

Judith Ashley said...

And another thing - great analogy between a wedding and making the book trailer. I can certanly see the connections as you explained them. Way to go, Platform Partner!

Tam Linsey said...

Aw, thanks Judith :) My inner geek is blushing.

Misty Dietz said...

Love your trailer, Tam! Super moody -great work! :)

Tam Linsey said...

Moody - I like that description. Thanks!

Sarah Raplee said...

I love your trailer, Tam. May we post it in the RTG sidebar?

Great analogy as well!

Tam Linsey said...

Certainly, Sarah! I'd be honored.

Maxine Mansfield said...

You are amazing and so is your trailer :) can't wait for August

Jae Awkins said...

Pretty cool, Tam...what fun!

Have you thought about 'sliding' your text on/off the screen - or fading in/out?

Microsoft has Movie Maker...but if you have Apple/Mac it won't work for you....
Pinnacle Studio is software I use for movies, too, but a bit pricey. Lots of special effects though.

Really great Trailer for Botanicaust!
Good luck! :o)

Tam Linsey said...

Thanks, Maxine. I can't wait, either.

Jae, I am on a mac, and tried to get my conversion software (Quicktime Pro) to pick up the fade or slide thing like I set it on PowerPoint, but I can't make it work.
I can't spend any more money right now on Botanicaust, but maybe trailers for my next books can be a little more flashy!
Thanks for stopping by, everyone. You're the best.

Paty Jager said...

It's not the type of book I read but the trailer definitely makes you take notice of the situation.

Tam Linsey said...

You are sweet to say so, Paty. I know my book will not be for everyone. It is heavy on the science. Thanks for taking a look, though :)

Lynn Lovegreen said...

The book trailer is intriguing, really shows the mood or tone for the book!

Tam Linsey said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lynn :) I appreciate your feedback.