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Friday, August 10, 2012

Labor Day

The origin of Labor Day in the USA was when a machinist, Matthew Maguire, who served as the secretary of the Central Labor Union, proposed the holiday in 1882.  This would be and is a day to recognize and show appreciation for the workers.

My state, Oregon, was the first state to make it an official holiday in 1887. It would take seven more years until the Federal Government made Labor Day an official holiday for the country.

Labor Day is considered the last big weekend for summer.  School used to start right after Labor Day, but now starts at various dates across the nation.  For many years it was considered unfashionable to wear white or seersucker after Labor Day.  My how times have changed!

The ways to celebrate this holiday are endless.  For many it is the last day to go camping, water skiing or taking a short trip with the family.  Many towns celebrate with parades, picnics, barbecues, firework displays, and fairs.

Of course, not everyone gets Labor Day off or a Labor free weekend.  Department stores have one of their biggest sales over Labor Day.  Plus, there are any number of businesses that do not close their doors over Labor Day weekend.

I must say it is nice to have a holiday between July fourth and Thanksgiving.  That’s what I like.  Especially when I worked full time, it was a blessing to have Labor Day off!

This Labor Day I’m hoping for company and some good times.

What are your plans?


Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for the history lesson, Diana. I always learn something.

I do remember, growing up, that we put our white summer shoes away after Labor Day as well as our seersucker dresses (no jeans for girls back then)!

D. McCollum D. McCollum said...

How times have changed! Thanks for stopping by, Judith.

Sarah Raplee said...

My hope is to BE company this Labor Day. Or at least to relax a bit and have some fun.

I love the fact that we recognize all the hard work people put in all year to make our country strong. it's like we're all taking a national mental health day!

D. McCollum D. McCollum said...

Hi, Sarah,

And we ALL need a mental health day now and then.

Kathy Coatney said...

I say you can't have too many mental health days. We don't have any labor day plans as yet, but will probably be out somewhere enjoying the weather.


Marie Harte said...

Labor Day can't come soon enough! I used to celebrate big when I was working a steady 9-5 job full time. But with kids home for the summer and working from home, Labor Day has sort of lost its luster for me, you might say. Every day is laborious. haha Great post, Diana!

And I think I'll wear white in October, just because I can. :)


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Diana,
Great post.
Labor Day in Austrlia celebrates the hard fought 8 hour day. 8 hours work, 8 hours play and 8 hour sleep.



D. McCollum D. McCollum said...

Hi, Kathy! Are you hot enough down there in Corning CAlif? Shoot, I was hoping you'd be up here for Labor Day.

D. McCollum D. McCollum said...

Hey, Marie, Thanks for stopping by! Yep, raising kids is a full time job and writing too. You're awesome, but you need ME time too!

D. McCollum D. McCollum said...

Hi, Margaret, enjoy your Labor Day!