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Saturday, November 17, 2012

NO MISTLETOE REQUIRED: Guest Harlequin Author Jeannette Murray

Jeanette Murray
This year for Christmas, we aren’t spending it in my hometown, or with my husband’s parents. For once, we’re taking a vacation for the holidays. Our daughter (whom I affectionately refer to as Tot) is three and a half now, and we felt it was time for her to experience Disney World. So we made the colossal mistake to hit up Walt Disney World over Christmas. Everyone will be home with their families, right? Plus, it’ll be cold. People want to do the parks in the hot weather. We’ll be fine. Yeah?

It was only after plans were made that we discovered that the park will be busy. Super busy. As in, Christmas day is the single busiest day of the year for Disney World.

Whoops. But fear not. We have myself and my husband, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend all going. And only one toddler in the mix. Six adults, one three year old. No problem, right? I mean, what can go wrong?

Let’s see…

Twelve worthless souvenirs
Eleven princess sightings
Ten hours in line
Nine dirty looks from strangers
Eight aborted rides
Seven potty breaks in an hour
Six emotionally broken adults
Fiiiiiiiiive days of “fuuuuuuun”
Four letter words
Three-year-old tantrums
Two sobbing parents
On the most populated day of the yeaaaaaaaar!

Are you picturing me singing? You shouldn’t, it’s not pretty. Hey, it might be painful but we are determined to try something new for the holiday season, and give our daughter a fantastic Christmas, come hell or high water. Frankly, either hell or high water might come. But we’ll battle through it and make Christmas rock. Pushing our boundaries is what will make it great.

In No Mistletoe Required, Anna Smith is determined to give the children at the Children’s Hospital a great holiday too. She’s heading up the Santa’s Workshop, providing a small oasis of holiday joy in the hospital’s perpetual doom and gloom.
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Dan Beckins hates Christmas. His plan for the holidays usually involves getting the hell outta Dodge, via a vacation to some tropical location where the most Christmas joy he sees is the obligatory eggnog at the resort bar. His friend, however, has roped him in unexpectedly into constructing Santa’s Workshop. Not his first choice…or second, or third…but he won’t back out. It’s an issue of pride now.

This brand new experience—and the sexy woman running the show—are going to bring Dan a whole new meaning of the word joy.

Author Bio:

Jeanette (or Kat!) spends her days surrounded by hunky alpha men…at least in her imagination. In real life, she’s a wife and a mother, keeping tabs on her husband of six years, her three year old daughter and the family dog, a lovable (but completely stupid) Goldendoodle. Hang around long enough and you’re guaranteed to hear at least one or two stories about these three..
What’s with the two names? Great question. Kat (or Jeanette) writes for a few different publishers. And due to the timing of some releases, two names just seemed like the right option. But Jeanette (or Kat!) can assure you, no matter which pen name you’re reading, you’re going to get sexy contemporary love..

For more of what Jeanette is up to, visit her website at: Or follow her on twitter at @JeanetteMurray. Or Like her on Facebook at


Diana Mcc. said...

You are a brave woman doing Disney World at Christmas time! "No Mistletoe Required" sounds like a wonderful story.

Judith Ashley said...

Great song lyrics and I know the music! Fun post, Kat/Jeanette. My prayers will be with you 12/25! BTW I had no idea that Christmas Day was the Busiest day of the year at Disneyland. Thanks for the heads up!

Paty Jager said...

We were in Disneyland not on Christmas day but close to it one year. It was packed! We managed to keep the kids rounded up and have a good time. The Christmas light parade is beautiful! The next time we went with grandkids we went on the off season. Much more fun. Good luck and have a wonderful Disney Christmas!