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Friday, November 30, 2012

Special Guest Jenna Bayley-Burke: My Author"s Little Secret & Caribbean Christmas

Have you found Pinterest yet?

I can see the eyebrows raising from here. Stay with me on this. I'm about to show you the latest author's little secret for hero inspiration. Pinterest.

Most think of Pinterest as a place for recipe ideas, and a way to collect craft, wedding, and fashion ideas. Because one day you'll make that umbrella wreath and butterfly chandelier and strawberry tiramasu.

Authors are using it the same way...but I've noticed a trend. Writers are creating storyboards on Pinterest for their books, as well as what inspires them. It's like a window into how they created such sexy stories in amazing locations.

I started using Pinterest with my Under the Caribbean Sun series. There was so much research for Caribbean Christmas, and being a visual person, the pictures helped me keep the links organized. Sailing, Anguilla, crochet, bikini designs, and of course those inspiring pictures of Ryan Reynolds. (swooon)
Jenna Bayley-Burke

My advice for when you finish a book and still want more of the characters, check and see if the author is on Pinterest. If your favorite author isn't there, you can console yourself with recipes for chocolate cake!

Check out my Pinterest boards for what inspired my books.

BLURB:  ’Tis the season for unwrapping the gift of pleasure.

When Saskia snags a last-minute ticket home to the Caribbean isle of Anguilla, she intends to surprise her workaholic father and to reconnect over Christmas. When she finds he’s away on business, there’s still plenty to fill her time while she waits. Sailing, snorkeling…and an unexpected, very adult attraction to her girlhood crush.

Joe Prinsen is certain Saskia has returned to the island only to ask for money. He feels it’s time she learns the truth about her father’s depleted financial situation from the man himself. And he intends to make sure she sticks around long enough to hear it.

Except the girl he remembers has matured into a devastatingly sexy woman. She's taking all his noble intentions and unwrapping them, one by one, until their shared desire is revealed in the warm Caribbean water. Saskia’s only home for Christmas. And once she finds out the secret he’s hiding, she’ll no doubt leave the Caribbean, and him, for good.

Jenna Bayley-Burke


Christy said...

I love Pinterest! As a visual person, it is a virtual playground for me. I pin art I love, I indulge my fan girl tendencies, and I also use it for the reasons you mention, Jenna. I have a couple of story boards going and add to them whenever I see something online that helps me sharpen my vision for my book.

Thank you for a great post. I can't wait to read Caribbean Christmas! :)

Oh, and here's my Pinterest page:


Sarah Raplee said...

Thank you for Guesting with us, Jenna. I obviously need to explore Pinterest further. I love the idea of doing online 'collages' for my books! Safe from kids and cats - AWESOME!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Pinterest is the place to be :D

Diana Mcc. said...

I've only ventured on Pintrest a little bit. I think using it for a story board is a great idea. I have visited one author who did that for a book I read. I visited her Pintrest story board and it added to the visual to the book I was reading. Good luck on your sales for your up coming book.

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for guesting with us, Jenna. I'm not very visual and do not like clicking around the internet so I'm not thinking Pinterest would be a good fit for me. It sure is working for you! Your Caribbean Christmas story looks to be a great read!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Thanks everyone :D