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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A M/M Christmas Story

This is part of a story I wrote for Christmas last year. It's part of my ROUGH SERIES. The last time I posted a steamy story of m/m romance some readers were taken back by the intimacy so I have left the last half of the story off. Only the mostly PG part remains here. *g* The full story can be obtained here:
So enjoy!

Rough Ride by Laura Baumbach

James Justin’s family distanced themselves from him when they learned he was gay. Since then, he’s buried himself in his career so ‘friends’ are really just acquaintances. This holiday season would have been just another lonely time of the year. Except his new lover, Bram Lord, has no intention of letting that happen. Burly powerhouse Bram takes his cautious lover James on a wild ride through both their neighborhood’s slippery, snowy slopes and the even trickier winding trail toward love. Hot holiday heat!


The world swirled, spinning out of control. James’ vision was filled with a dizzying, white blur dotted with occasional glimpses of Bram’s laughing face and the dark outline of trees that ringed the hilltop.
The early winter sun was just rising and its dim efforts put a warm, golden glow on the surrounding snow-covered woods and hillside. Barely sunrise on a Sunday morning, they were the only two people braving the cold and ice. 

The glow spun and looped as James Justin was carried down a steep, hard-packed slope at what he swore were speeds higher than his car ever achieved on the road. Seated on one side of a double inner tube, he bounced and slid, spinning and flopping along, leather-gloved hands clinging to what felt like too flimsy rubber handles on either side of the giant tube. 

The other side of the tube was amazingly steady, its high lip and deep hole filled to overflowing and weighed down with his lover’s massive bulk. Bram Lord was a tall, broad, beefy man. He wore a dazzling grin. His pale blue eyes matched the blue threads in the Norwegian-print wool sweater that stretched over his broad, barrel chest. The ends of a red fleece scarf loosely wrapped around his neck whipped in the wind like cheerful flags celebrating the high speed ride. 

Bram’s cheeks were a rosy red from the cold and his honey blond hair was tousled over his forehead, creating the perfect canvas to highlight James’ favorite feature on his lover, Bram’s charming and oh-so-seductive lopsided smile. James caught a titillating glimpse of that smile as he rose a foot into the air.
Soaring over a particularly big hump in the long, slick trail, James bounced hard and lost his grip on the tube. Airborne, James yelped and scrambled for a new hold, but his groping hands met empty space for several long seconds before a pair of strong, restraining arms plucked him out of free fall. 

“Holy shit!” 

He landed with a thunk and a thud, sprawled across Bram’s lap and chest, breath slammed out of him.  James grunted and concentrated on not smacking noses with Bram. 

The tube twisted, jetted off another small ramp of snow and hit down hard. Suddenly unbalanced, both James and Bram were thrown off the rubber ring. They rolled and slid a dozen feet down the ice-crusted run, James tightly clasped to Bram’s chest. They came to a stop in a mound of snow, the empty twin tube skittering past them, a blur of twirling black.  

Relieved, James rested on top of Bram’s heaving chest, then unexpectedly found himself buried in the mound of snow as Bram rolled them over, pinning James comfortably under him. 

Snow clung to Bram’s hair and eyelashes, his breath a frosty mint puff of warmth only inches from James’ panting mouth. His pale blue eyes crinkled at the corner with laughter. His handsome, broad face was an enticing combination of light morning stubble and soft, tempting lips. 

“Jesus! That was crazy. You did that as a kid?” James smacked one gloved hand into Bram’s shoulder then hung on tightly to the sweater under his fist. “What were you, suicidal?”

“Nah, just tough, baby.” Bram shook his head and snow flew in all directions, most of it into James’ face.
“Asshole.” James sputtered, chuckling. He shook his head to shake off the flakes, but only made more fall down from the surrounding snow.   

Bram’s laughter was soft and carefree, the deep, joyous sound echoing off the surrounding woods and vibrating through James’ body. Pressed chest to chest, each wiggle of Bram’s large, heavy body on top of his pushed James deeper into the chilly snow bank. 

The unexpected touch of icy cold hit James’ skin and he yelped and squirmed, rubbing their lower abdomens together in his startled frenzy.  

“Shit! Get up. Snow’s going down the back of my pants!” He wiggled some more to try to slip out from under his lover.

“Lucky snow.” Pinning a struggling James in place, Bram slid one muscular thigh between James’ legs and did a little wiggling of his own. 

James’ cock responded despite the cold, but as he started to protest, Bram’s hovering lips sealed over his own. The kiss was slow and thorough, a languid exploration of his mouth that left him much more breathless than the ride. 

The snow that had worked its way down his jeans began to melt and a slow stream of freezing wetness divided its efforts between soaking into his pants and trickling down the crack of his ass. The sensation was uncomfortable, but oddly exotic and arousing. 

His cock strained against the confines of his boxers, hard as the icicles hanging from the nearby branches. A thick shaft that gave the nearby tree limbs some competition for size rubbed between his legs and over his cock. 

Locking his gaze on Bram’s, James felt his heart slide up into his throat. God he loved this huge mountain of a man. Surrounded by the soft morning light, the sound of the birds and the hushed fall of new snow, James felt a sense of peace and security descend around him. He knew he’d never been loved by anyone else the way Bram loved him, cared for him and understood him. This was what finding true love was really like. Looking into Bram’s love-filled face, James felt his heart lock onto Bram’s. They were bound forever, souls united in this single, shushed moment on this isolated park hillside. It was awe-inspiring and exhilarating. And sexy as hell.    

“Want to do it again, Jamie?”

James had to swallow past the lump of emotion in his throat before he could push down his arousal to answer.  

“I don’t know. That was a hell of a rough ride down.” James stroked his gloved palms over Bram’s shoulders, hungry to touch the man any way he could. He chuckled, arching his back to shift the snow still packed under his butt, bringing their groins into closer contact. “I’m not sure it’s worth the bruises.”

Bram smirked, kissed the tip of James’ chin and the corner of his mouth, a light, seductive caress. “Okay.” He let his words tumble into James’ parted, waiting mouth. “Then how about I take you home and give you a different kind of rough ride?” Bram quickly kissed him then tugged at James’ lower lip with his teeth. He released it, his stare heated. “I promise any bruises you get as a result will be worth that particular ride.” 

James hesitated, voice momentarily lost while he imagined Bram deep inside him, their bodies clenched together in different slippery ride that was just as dangerous and breath-taking as the one they just completed.  His breath hitched when Bram’s voice rumbled through his chest again.

“You won’t even have to close your eyes if we go too fast.” Bram tossed his scarf over James’ head but, instead of draping it around his lover’s neck, he used it to blindfold James. “And I’ll make this ride last a lot longer than the one we just took. What do you say, Tiger?” 

The outside world disappeared behind a blanket of soft warmth, isolating James, making Bram’s voice and lingering scent his only tangible connections to it. He instinctively leaned into Bram’s body. James’ pulse rocketed and his cock jerked. He panted, feeling the wisps of warm air from his mouth grow cold, their moisture condensing and clinging to his face, captured in the scarf ends that lay on his cheek. 

Slowly and deliberately, he tugged the fabric loose until it fell free to his shoulders. The expression on Bram’s face was hot enough to melt the entire hillside. James’ cock chaffed against the confines of his jeans. There was a tightness in his chest. A flush of warmth shot though his limbs as need flowed though his veins, along with growing desire. It still surprised him that it only took a look from Bram to get him hard. He had no doubt he was in love.    

James laced his hands behind Bram’s neck and pulled his lover down for a searing kiss. He poured as much heat into the kiss as he could, his own lips tingling, scorched with wanting. When he pulled back, Bram was panting and James could barely huff out his answer. “You’re on, Caveman.”

James let Bram pull him to his feet and dust him off. Against James’ better judgment, they retrieved the evil snow tube for future excursions and then walked back up the hill holding hands.


Judith Ashley said...

Laura, Thank you for sharing James and Bram's story. Loved your imagery of the ride down the hill. I've not done it fore decades and you've reminded me of what I loved about it and why I won't be doing it again - lol.

Sarah Raplee said...

Thanks for the Free Holiday Read, Laura!