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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's all just get along... and a free read!

Everyone has their own thoughts on self-publishing -- I choose not to call it 'indie publishing', because that term includes things other than self-publishing, and if we're so proud of it, let's call it what it is -- and I don't intend to argue with anyone.

It's all about what's good for you.

Not for your friends, or that author you just met on the internet, or that best-seller you keep hearing so much about.

It's about you. What's good for your book, at that particular time.

Some books do well in print, others are better in e-book. Some books do well at a higher price point, others suffer unless they're cheaper. Some books you want to make money from, others you're just after publicity, branding and copies sold or downloaded.

None of these things are better (or worse!) than the others. None of them are shameful, despite what some people say.

And you certainly don't have to choose just one.

I've been in traditional publishing for long enough to understand that some of my books will be attractive prospects for trad pubs, while others won't. That doesn't mean they can't all sell copies. It's just the nature of the publishers' business that some genres, or styles of book and concept, work well for them, while others can't and won't. And it's nice to have the option of getting those stories out there in other ways.

But the bottom line is: we're all writing books. Whatever choices we make, we can all play in the same pond, can't we? There's no need to exclude anyone, or rate anyone as lower than anyone else, just because they made a different choice to us.

In the end, for me, it's the books that matter.

Okay, rant over :) if you're into sexy paranormals, I've got a little free read for you!

Hellcursed is a prequel short story to my Shadowfae Chronicles series. It's about Jade, a headstrong girl who's just been tricked into a thousand years of demon servitude. Of course, she's not having any of it. As far as she's concerned, her demon lord can go straight back to hell... but she's yet to discover the true meaning of demon thrall.

You can download it free from Smashwords. It's an erotic story, so over-18s only please.

Happy holidays!


Pippa Jay said...

I agree completely! I get so fed up of self published authors lecturing me for going with a small press, or trad authors belittling small press and self published authors like poor relations or amateurs. As you say, it's what is right for YOU and not what someone else thinks you should do.

Judith Ashley said...


I totally agree the publishing pond is large enough for all of us - especially now with digital publishing. That Win-Win perspective is a major reason I wanted to write romance and love being a part of the romance community.

When I think of the Conferences I've attended (9 Regional and 1 National) and chapter meetings and seminars/workshops - to only have one person not be welcoming, helpful, etc. is rather amazing!

And all of the others? they've answered questions, shared their knowledge (see the great posts from our guests this month for example), and cheered the rest of us on. They are right there with cyber champagne and chocolate to celebrate our successes with us.

I've never seen such a sense of community in any other group or organization I've belonged to.

Thanks for the 'rant'! and the free short story! I am over 18 by a year or two - hehehe.

Sarah Raplee said...

Our strength as authors is in our unity, not in divisiveness. As Bob Mayer says, "There are many roads to Oz."

Thank you for the Free Read!


Diana Mcc. said...

"There are many roads to Oz." And we all have a choice which road to take. Let's do play nice! Happy Holidays!

Erica Hayes said...

Thanks for dropping by, everyone! In general, writers are such a supportive bunch. That's what makes it so sad when a few people start being mean to each other :(

Well, never mind them, I say. Happy holidays, everyone!

Paty Jager said...

I agree, just like deciding on a job or a house, you pick what works for you. Great rant post! ;0)

Denise Covey said...

The publishing world has changed so much, it is natural that there's some snaffles while people find what fits where.

One of my gripes with the self-publishing author is that if most traditional publishers have at least 2 editors run over the story (some have dozens of people check it) -- checking for structure, typos, etc, no self-pubbed author should think it's okay to put work out there that hasn't seen an editor's eye.

I may self-pub one day, but it's taking me so long as I don't want to bring down the standard.

Thanks for Hellcursed, Erica, I will be interested to read it as I write some paranormal short stories myself.

Happy Christmas!


Erica Hayes said...

I'm with you, Denise. A self-publisher is a publisher. There are costs involved, same as with any publishing house. 'I can't afford it' is no excuse :).