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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's December - Time for Gifts!

Dearest Blog Reader,

I've been a busy girl; hence this short post. *wink*

Not only have I just updated my two craft books, "A Primer for Beginning Authors" and "Becoming an Authorpreneur" but I have a new release from Desert Breeze Publishing on December 11th - "A Discreet Gentleman of Consequence" (Book Three in Brander's series).

I also am releasing "Leaving Norway" and "Finding Sovereignty" in time for Christmas - bringing the total of Hansen books to TEN novels published in just 27 months.

Coming in 2013 will be two more Brander stories, plus a special-edition novella tying up the "Loving the Norseman" and "Loving the Knight" duet.


So… Have you read any of them? Do you want to?

I will give anyone who emails me at Kris@KrisTualla.com one free download from Smashwords.com of your choice of:
  • A Woman of Choice
  • A Prince of Norway
  • A Matter of Principle
  • Loving the Norseman
  • Loving the Knight

If you enjoy the book, I ask that you post that enjoyment somewhere: Amazon, Smashwords, Facebook, wherever. Share the love!

And no matter what, I hope you have a blessed holiday season, connecting with those you love.

Thanks for reading.


Diana Mcc. said...

Happy Holidays, Kris! What an awesome give away! Good luck on sales.

Anonymous said...


Judy said...

I'm so looking forward to Brander's next book. :-)