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Friday, January 18, 2013

Happiness Is A Choice!

New Year's resolutions don't work for me. I used the failed resolutions as reasons to be discouraged with myself, with life, with relationships and people around me. But I've ceased to make New Year's resolutions.

Instead, I've chosen to make affirmations.

See, the first step to true prosperity and happiness is to appreciate what you have NOW. Gaining more than what you have NOW is just an improvement upon an improvement upon an improvement.

I recently had my dearest friend tell me that my bad moods were affecting the people around me, and she frankly didn't want to be near me. Depression has a way of creeping up on some of us, I guess...and I think the lack of writing/creative expression lately has taken it's toll on me. I hadn't realized my negative attitude, let alone how it rubbed off on those around me.

At first I was hurt. Then I became angry. Then I made a choice: the "Attitude of Gratitude" again. I'd gotten myself out of a bad place before with the same attitude, and I could do it again.

Somehow I'd veered away from being grateful, appreciating what I have NOW. I've got a place to live, a warm bed, a car, great friends; I love Chapstik and mac 'n' cheese, and french toast, and I have a dog that ADORES me. I had to start with small things like sunsets and shoes, then worked my way into the bigger concepts.

I'm most thankful for my creativity. No one, not even I, can take that away from me. It's a part of who I am.

Once I reminded myself of how good it feels to be grateful (believe me, it's a process, and one that doesn't happen overnight. I had to work at being positive!), I chose to approach what my friend said as a blessing. She said what she said out of love, concern. And I truly believe it takes courage for anyone to tell someone they love the truth, knowing they are hurting feelings, because they know you have to hear it.

And I've started writing again! A new story for a new year, and a new lease on life. These concepts I've mentioned aren't new, and I definitely can't take credit for creating them. But I can say that approaching life with positivity, from the standpoint of love and hope and goodness, is a better way to live. I have a lot to be grateful for, especially the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks, and the Teachings of Abraham. If y'all want to know more about my mindset, go check out


Sarah Raplee said...

You are so right that "approaching life with positivity, from the standpoint of love and hope and goodness, is a better way to live."

Plus that approach nurtures creativity, which involves openness and the willingness to take risks.

Depression is sneaky - it creeps up on a person and twists their way of thinking in negative ways. Your friend gave you a much-needed reality check. You are lucky to have her.

Judith Ashley said...

Courtney, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on positivity. I start each day writing out the 10 things I'm more grateful for. Sometimes the list is full of mundane things - warm and dry was on my list today because it is in the 20's at my house - but other times it is full of the many things for which I am truly grateful and feel truly blessed.

I also read an AbrahamHicks quote each morning as I have their perpetual calendar on my daily altar and I have two other women who are my Intention Sisters. Each day we hold our own Intentions as well as each other's.

Even with this well-established routine, I still find negativity creeping in from time to time. When that happens I stop watching any news because I can directly trace those negative thoughts back to what is going on in the world today.

What helps me the most right now is to remind myself to focus only on those things overwhich I have some control. I can't change things in Syria or in Congress but I am in control over my daily life.

Your friend is certainly a gift to treasure and someone for whom you can be grateful every day.

Paty Jager said...

Courtney, congrats on getting out of your funk and realizing your creativity is your best medicine.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Courtney, we all struggle with the big D, and congrats on nipping in the bud with your positive affirmation. I keep a Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries book nearby to combat my negativity when it surfaces. When I sense the Big D I take a break and reach for it, find a particular passage that makes me smile and reflect on something positive. Good luck in 2013!

KL Mullens

Anne Marie Becker said...

Hi, Courtney - I'm late to read your post, but it's a great one. I love the "Attitude of Gratitude" concept, and my cousin posts his daily gratitude in the form of "LIG'g it" - meaning he's living in gratitude. I think being aware of the blessings/positives in my life is huge for me, and helps fight that Big D. Hope 2013 finds you kicking the Big D in the rear and finding your creative spirit again.