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Friday, May 17, 2013

Célébration de L'amour!

By Courtney Leigh

Love is one of many universal things that bonds the human race, and it is fundamental. Yes, there are tons of different types, but romantic love is the kind that breathes verve and spice into our souls. It cultivates and draws passion. It centers our focus and confuses us at the same time.

Doctors and scientists have studied the effects romantic love has on our brains, and they usually say the same thing: love is like a drug. When people are in love, their brains operate the same way as if they were high (I can't remember whether the doc's said high on cocaine, weed, or speed...but high on an upper, not a downer...lol).

It's in our nature to want to form relationships with people, romantic or not. After all, Aristotle once said, "Man is a social animal." It is ingrained in our genetics to socialize, although romance offers upper-induced high that is instantaneous. Dating back to before mankind had the ability to write and track its history, romance existed.

In the days of Greek superiority, romance existed. Romans, Gauls, Vikings, Native Americans, The Moors--every known civilization man has ever created has had romance. And we all know with great romance comes great drama. And with great drama comes great responsibility.

I think to truly celebrate romance, we need to acknowledge why we adore its contrasts so much...

It usually draws out the unacceptable, rather than the acceptable. It creates fire and ice within our hearts, sometimes even at the same time. It renders men speechless and women outspoken. It turns our insides and twists our minds. In the throes of romantic love, we become impassioned beasts who strike fear into those who block our paths.  It raises our voices, makes us shout, yell, scream, breathe deeply, moan, laugh, melt. Smile. It moves us from one sharp cliff to another.

Because we're only present in the moment. Very few things allow us to be free of all other cares.

I hope all of you who are celebrating with me are as mesmerized by romance as I am...wait a minute...we're all romance writers here! Of course y'all are going to know exactly what I'm talking about. Do you appreciate the drama love draws, or could you stand to do without the craziness? Tell me...


Judith Ashley said...

One of the challenges when talking about 'love' even 'romantic love' is there are some (hopefully a small number) who use those words and feelings to trap, exploit, etc. Sort of like killing someone because you love them and don't want anyone else to have them...

So, bottom line, I appreciate it when someone's actions tell me they love me more than their words.

Sarah Raplee said...

"With great love comes great drama." I had to laugh because this is so true!

Fireworks, anyone???