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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing Marina Myles

When you have school age children, you know the month of May can be a busy time. This year my youngest son is graduating high school so there is much to do (to make sure he does..haha). So, because I’m such a terrible procrastinator and am crazy busy right now, I decided to forego my usual blog babble and introduce you to a dear friend, Marina Myles, who also happens to be my critique partner. I’ve known Marina for a few years now and have watched this lovely lady grow into a fabulous author. I’m thrilled and very proud to say she’s set to release her first of four novels with E-Kensington. 
Please join me in welcoming Marina. 

“You can write anything you want.”
That kind of leeway may sound like a writer’s dream, but for my first guest blog post EVER, the words of my friend and fellow author, Terri Molina, left me a bit dazed.
Allow me to backtrack. To promote the June 6th release of my historical/paranormal romance, BEAUTY AND THE WOLF (sinister Gothic estate, prowling werewolf, incredibly hot hero), Terri was generous enough to let me take her monthly slot on Romancing the Genres. She told me that because it was the 2-year anniversary of the blog spot, there’d be no set theme.
Hmmm…I thought. Anniversaries.  Maybe I wasn’t at a loss for what to write after all. Exactly five years ago in the month of May, Terri and I had our first critique meeting at Souper Salad. She’d read my initial draft of BEAUTY AND THE WOLF and, being very proud of it, I expected her to fawn over my writing skills. But with her usual dead-pan expression I’ve come to love, she said, “Ah, I’m confused. Whose story is this? The hero’s or the heroine’s?”
She went on to teach me what all writers need to know: the importance of POV, showing not telling, the use of romance tag lines, and character motivation/conflict. I soon learned that writing is a craft to be mastered and then refined—and that realization sent me back to the drawing board. Thank God.
Later, I met a writer at a conference who never let anyone read her WIP before she submitted it. BIG MISTAKE. Critique partners not only supply us with invaluable advice coming from an unbiased vantage point, it gives us the chance to forge friendships in an otherwise solitary career.
So I’m proud to say that five years and a 2-book publishing contract with a major New York publisher later, I couldn’t have done it without Terri Molina. While our ‘anniversary’ doesn’t celebrate a marriage or the milestone of an informative and entertaining blogspot like Romancing the Genres, it gives me a chance to acknowledge the unselfish help she gave me through the years.  
Hope to repay you sometime, Terri! 

Thank you, Marina, it's been my honor.
And, now for your reading pleasure, an excerpt from Marina’s first book which releases June 6th!!!


She blinked against a bright light. Shifting her gaze to the window, she saw that a full moon had emerged through a pair of parted clouds. As the ivory cast spilled across Draven’s face, he pulled away from her with eyes that flashed a profound fear.“I must inform you that I have no intention of fathering any offspring,” he said.
The admission couldn’t have knocked her more off balance. “I…I don’t understand.”
Draven bolted out of bed. His entire body began to shake. “I have personal reasons for not wanting a child. But what you need to know is that we will use a modern form of prevention.”
She pulled herself to a sitting position. “You choose this moment, our wedding night to inform me of this? Didn’t you think I should have a say in the matter?”
As the veins in his temples bulged and pounded, she recoiled against the headboard.
“Something is happening to me,” he said, spinning away from her. All at once, his shirt split up the middle of his back and fell to the floor. Then, with his face hidden from view, he picked up a chair and hurled it through the window.
Isabella whipped back the bed-sheet, her hand pressed to her mouth in horror.
What is happening?
Fearing for her safety, she rushed inside the dressing room and locked the door. Through her sobs, she heard a loud cry then more breaking glass. A minute later, all was quiet.
She grabbed Draven’s wool coat and draped it over her negligee. Turning the doorknob with a quaking hand, she forced herself to peer into the bedchamber. Wind whistled into the room through the shattered window and the fire in the hearth had all but died out. But Draven was nowhere to be found.
Seizing the chance to flee the room, she escaped into the corridor and raced downstairs. She’d known this loveless marriage was a bad idea, but now she was truly frightened.
Refusing to stay at Thorncliff Towers a moment longer, she ran for the stables. And with every step she took, she vowed never to return.

About the author:

Although Marina Myles lives under the sunny skies of Arizona, she would reside in a historic manor house in foggy England if she had her way. Her love of books began as soon as she read her first fairy tale and grew by leaps and bounds when she discovered Nancy Drew/Agatha Christie mysteries and rich, historical romances.
Dreaming of becoming a published author, she went on to study creative writing at Southern Methodist University—where she received degrees in Communications and English Literature. During her time in Dallas, she had the unique experience of being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.
Now with her loyal Maltese close by, she relishes the hours she gets to escape into worlds of fiery—but not easily attained—love affairs. She’s busy being a wife (to her Italian-born husband) and a mother (to her two beautiful daughters), but she is never too busy to hear from her amazing readers.
For more information you can find her at:
You can Order Beauty and the Wolf at these locations:




Paty Jager said...

Marina, Congrats on the book release and finding a critique partner to help you grow and hone your skills. I agree critique partners are essential if you want to become a published author. Gone are the days when a so-so writer could hook a book deal because the editors had more time to work with each writer. Now they want a pristine book with little work for them to make it publishable.

Great post for your first time Blogging experience!

Marina Myles said...

Paty - thanks for your comments and for your encouragement during my first Blogging experience!

You're absolutely right about the way the publishing industry has changed. Things move pretty fast nowadays, and getting a manuscript in front of an editor can be a one-shot attempt. I encourage writers to get a critique partner so that their book is 100% polished and ready to go.

I really appreciate you stopping by!

Linda Mercury said...

I so can't wait for your book release. :)

Marina Myles said...

Thanks Linda! I just bought your third Blood Wings book, "Dracula Unleashed" off Amazon. It looks like a great read!

Judith Ashley said...

Marina, Great first blog! and intriguing excerpt. So glad you could join us today at RTG.

Five years! Wow. You two really are a good partnership. Having someone read our work is critical to our success. We write what makes sense to us but that doesn't necessarily translate into it making sense to our readers - lol. A good critique partner takes care of those glitches!

Terri Molina said...

erm, I said she had a four book deal, but it's two. However, I foresee the rest of the series being sold as well. ;-)

Thank you for posting Marina!

Marina Myles said...

I'd like to thank RTG for having me today!

Judith, you hit the nail on the head. Terri and I have had a good partnership lasting longer than most. Our writing styles are very opposite, but somehow they benefit each other. For anyone looking for a critique partner, I'd say honesty and the ability to help clarify a story is key!

Pamela Tracy said...

You rock!
What an awesome title. And yes, good partnerships are wonderful to find.

historical author Donna Hatch said...

You are absolutely right in that every author needs an honest, supportive critique partner (or two, or five) to help her/him see where the story can be improved.

Congrats on your new novel. It sounds very intriguing!

Marina Myles said...

Pamela and Donna - thanks so much for your encouraging words!

Sarah Raplee said...

I enjoyed your post, Marina. You were lucky to bond with Terri early on, and now the two of you are lucky to have each other.

Your book sounds wonderful!

Marina Myles said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my post, Sarah. Thanks for stopping by!