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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Inspired by a Romance Heroine

Dear readers
As you read this, I’m sheltering four hours drive north of Wellington, at my beach house,
Bank of NZ office building down by the waterfront after the 6.5 quake
because Wellington, where I live,  is being rocked by a series of quite large earthquakes. It’s been going on for over a week. I’ve been up here in the Hawke's Bay for a few days, but I’m thinking of going home tomorrow, however, another 5.4 quake hit early this morning. I fully admit I hate them! The not knowing how big it’s going to get. The shaking and simply holding on…the third quake in 3 days, on 21st July was a 6.5 that knock out the electricity in my neighborhood and sent me fleeing…not very heroine like!
To buck me up, I’ve taken a hard look at the heroines I have been writing, and I’m trying to gain a backbone. I tend to write strong heroines–as I had a mother who supported me, and gave me the courage to try my hand at anything I wanted. Now, as I deal with the stress of trying to finish a book before my end of August deadline, praying my house doesn’t fall down, and bracing for more aftershocks, I’m remembering the heroines I’ve fallen in love with over the years, and their struggles and accomplishments are guiding me through my own trials and tribulations.
There are two heroines of mine who seem to call to me at this time.
Sabine Orsini – To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone
Sabine is my heroine in book two of my Wicked Wagers trilogy. We first meet Sabine on her return to England after a ten-year absence. She needs a favor from the man she has always loved, the man she jilted, and the man who hates her with as much passion as he once loved her. There is a very good reason why she upped and married someone else, and when we find out what it is—well—let’s say there is not a try eye, including my hero, Marcus Danvers, Marquis of Wolverstone.
I love how Sabine does what needs to be done without self-pity, without bemoaning her fate. She is grown-up and smart, but also vulnerable. When she has to ask Marcus for a favor, she is strong enough for the both of them, and when the enemy threatens her son…we see what she’s made of and what she will and has sacrificed for those she loves. There is so much to admire in Sabine.
So when I’m thinking I can’t face something, I remember Sabine and her strength. She faced a heck of a lot worse. To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone $2.99 
Rheda Kerrich – Invitation to Scandal

This sensual Regency-set romance has a free-spirited, confident heroine that I’d love to have as my friend. (Isn’t that the test of a successful heroine, if she’s someone you’d want to spend time with?) When the story starts, Rheda has spent the last five years saving her younger brother’s bankrupt estate-by smuggling. She is independent, and is determined not to rely on any man but realizes she can’t do this for much longer. I liked that she didn’t crumple and give in to society norms, using marriage as a means for saving her family. Instead, Rheda has dreams of her building a horse stud to supply horses for the cavalry in order to help in the war against the French.
But what I really adored about Rheda was that she is that rare liberated historical heroine. She’s confident in her abilities and she uses her intelligence in her battle with love interest Rufus Knight, Viscount Strathmore. For instance, she needs a quality stallion to breed with her mares. What’s a girl to do when Rufus’s Arab stallion is in the next paddock! Rheda’s prepared to risk it all…
I loved that there was no regret to her actions. She inspires me to be more like that too, and to reach for what I want with no shame. Invitation to Scandal is currently on special at Amazon in book format $5.60
With such fantastic ladies to quell my fears, here’s hoping I’ll stand strong as the earth continues to rumble and shake beneath my feet…. Wish me luck!
Let me know who your favorite heroine is and why?


Paty Jager said...

Bronwen, That has to be scary to be in such strong earthquakes. Luckily for me, in the middle of Oregon, we rarely have to worry about that. Only volcanoes! LOL

Your heroines do sound strong and women I'd like to meet. I can see more books being added to my TBR pile!

Judith Ashley said...

Sending prayers and encouragement your way. Those are strong earthquakes and coming so close together - an amazing show of nature's power - but nothing to mess with. Glad you sought shelter in a safe place.

I've got your books next up on my KOBO so I'll be meeting your favorite heroines up close and personal this weekend!


Sarah Raplee said...

Hi Bron,

I left a comment earlier, but it's gone, so I'll try again. Love how Sabine takes responsibility and doesn't whine.

Stay safe! The damage looks bad. I'm sure many people are without utilities, while others can't work due to damage.I hope the earthquakes die off in the next days.

Shobhan Bantwal said...


The damage looks quite extensive from the photo, so I sincerely hope it doesn't get any worse than this. Just like the two heroines you've mentioned, I'm sure you will emerge even stronger after the quakes are over. Stay safe!

Diana Mcc. said...


How scary it must be living with earthquake after earthquake. Stay safe and I hope it is all over soon. Adding your book to my NOOK.

Good luck on sales.