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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Has Freed Us!

Well, it's fall on the Oregon Coast now. How can I tell it's fall? Because the little numbers on the weather forecast don't show mid-sixties (summer) or mid-forties (winter).

It's a time we look forward to on the Coast. Why? Well, the main thing is the tourists go away and we get our town back. Like moles emerging into the sunlight, okay, into the drizzle, we peek out and blink in wonder that there is still a town here. The tour-oidal devastation has passed (leaving behind a good income for the businesses for the first year in too many years) and we once again can find each other in the restaurants and markets. We attend events and slowly rebond after 3-4 months of separation, each in our own den.

Of course, being a writer doesn't mean I didn't have fun in the depths of my den this summer. It's a great time to hunker down and write! Here's just a little of what I have coming for my readers this Christmas season. And be sure to get to the really cool book bundle I've got listed at the bottom. It's a chance that will really knock off your Christmas stocking!

Peter's Christmas was just released and follows my "Night Stalkers" series President as true love finds him and it nearly costs him his life.

I also been having fun in my new sound studio (a converted closet):
and released my first audio book:
October is going to be an exciting month with another audio book (approx release Oct 1):
I also have a new "Night Stalkers" short story coming out Oct 1 in the latest Anthology from Fiction River (at and fine booksellers everywhere). If you just can't wait, the audio for Ghost of Willow's Past will be available as a free podcast for a week starting Thursday 9/26 at
And an Angelo's Hearth short novel, Maria's Christmas Table, though that doesn't have a cover just yet.

The BIGGEST news this October is a great opportunity to get a lot of romance for just a little money and help a great charity while you're at it.

Ever hear of Story Bundle? Well, on October 1st-10th go to and you will find an opportunity to own the e-versions of short novels and novellas from:
Jo Beverly
M.L. Buchman
Kristine Grayson
Stephanie Laurens
Laura Leone
Mary Jo Putney

And the best part? You get them all! And you get to set the price! We thought  this was a GREAT way to start off the fall, when everyone can finally get back to their romance reading! It's a super collection from a super group of romance authors. I'm so excited to be a part of it!

Anyway, that's all the news for now. There's a break in the drizzle, so I'm going to rush out to the beach and walk with a couple of the other locals across the quiet sands.

[Thirty minutes later]: Back inside, dripping wet. They say on the Coast, if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes. Must be time to settle in with a good book!

Hope you're having a great, free, and frivolous Fall!


Judith Ashley said...

Wow, Matt!!!! I remember clearly your workshop on finding time to write and you Must Be Following your own guidelines because you are one Productive Guy!.

Yep, it's Fall and the tourists are mainly gone so those of us in Portland, Oregon can more easily drive to the Oregon Coast - glad the tourist trade was up and businesses prospered...

Will definitely check out the group of novellas as you and a couple of other of my favorite authors are included and my Kobo TBR list is getting shorter.

Diana Mcc. said...

We just got back from a four day stay in Florence. I loved it, drizzle and all. I like your sound studio. I take it you do the audio for your own books? How hard is that to do? Good Luck on Sales!!!

M. L. Buchman said...

Hi Judith, That's only the first round of pre-Christmas treats, there are many more to come. One will be the 20k word book that evolved through several talks including that one I gave last year.

Hi Diana,
Audio is fun. There are several ways to go about it, but they all start with a trip to Some great educational videos and info there. The biggest problem with audio is the time suck. My "studio" cost me under $300 including mic, software, etc. But 1 hour of finished audio (about 9k words) takes 6-8 hours including recording, production / engineering, and QC time. It's fun, I love it, and have a background in it, but how much could I write in the 20+ hours it took me to do these. For most folks, getting a narrator to royalty share through ACX is the right ticket.


Sarah Raplee said...

Sorry I'm late to the party (again). reat post, Matt. I love the Coast, rain and all - although you had an awful lot this weekend!

Can't wait for your project management book to come out!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Congrats on all the production, Matt. Your audio experience echoes everything I've heard too. I have some voice over experience from an earlier part of my life and thought I would do my own books too. However, I haven't found the time yet to get started. I'm thinking it might be a good holiday task--when I'm not too distracted to focus on actual creating.

If I haven't figured it out by the end of the year, I'm going to go the royalty share route with a narrator. It's just so hard to give up that control. :)

M. L. Buchman said...

Hi Sarah,
PM book will probably be late October, dependent on final info from co-author.

Hi Maggie,
Also having a background in audio, I jumped in with Jay Lake's book "Making Tracks." I matched my voice to an MXL990 USB mic, plugged it into my laptop and I was up and running. Then it just took a lot of learning and practice because just reading a book is no longer enough. The more sophisticated listeners of this day and age want it performed. That takes some doing. Whee!