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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas is Fun!

Ha!  I sit here at my computer with piles of presents sitting on the floor waiting to be wrapped.  There's menus to plan, grocery lists to make, cookies to be baked, cards to be addressed and sent, and the house needs a thorough cleaning!Red Gift Box Stock Photo

I thought I was ahead of the holidays this year.  I bought my Christmas cards in October, all the stamps in November, and now I ask you, where did the time go?

We bought our tree on Tuesday and decorated it Wednesday.  I’m starting to get in the mood for Christmas.

I kept putting off loading my Christmas picture of myself, my husband and my mom on the Costco site.  I wanted to include this picture in with the family Christmas cards.  So here it is 12/12/13 and tomorrow I can pick up my pictures.  Sigh!

Seems like I’ve just now recovered from Thanksgiving, we were lucky enough to have wonderful visits from family near and far.  So enjoyable!!  And as I said my last goodbyes to departing family, I remember thinking a few days to recover and rest and then I’ll start on Christmas.  Ha!  I let that thought fly right out of my head.

Tomorrow I’ll get my Christmas cards sent.  (At least I don’t have to wait in the Post Office line, since I did already buy my stamps.  That’s terrific isn’t it?)  Then I can scratch one more thing off my to-do-list.  I’m feeling better already!

Now I’m thinking about what kinds of cookies I should make.

Watch out Christmas, here I come!

Happy Holidays to All!!!

What is your favorite thing to do to get ready for Christmas?  My favorite thing is baking cookies!!


Sarah Raplee said...

The holidays have gotten away from me, too, Diana - as they seem to do every year!

My favorite thing is baking cookies, too, although I also love wrapping the presents.

I could definitely relate to this post!

Diana Mcc. said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love wrapping too.

Anonymous said...

Time sure does fly, especially as we go older. I am ready for the holidays. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year.