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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ghost Cat

by Sarah Raplee

The Ghost Cat visited our house again last night.

We've lived with this possible pussycat for five years. Doors on cupboards full of nice soft towels and blankets--exactly the sorts of places a kitty might choose to curl up in--seem to open when we're not looking, even when our alive-and-kicking cat, Freckles, is shut in 'his' room in the basement. When we're in bed for the night, sometimes what seems to be Freckles jumps on the bed and lies down--but when one of us reaches to pet him, poof--he's not there.

That's just freaky.

Would Ghost Hunters Jason and Steve from TAPS
( ) suggest that vibrations we don't notice affect the cupboard doors? Maybe we dream the cat-on-the-bed incidents--but why would two people dream the same dream, sometimes at the same time?

Tonight, we had a new experience. Freckles jumped onto the couch beside me, eyes dilated, tail swishing, and spent ten minutes playing with something that wasn't there. He acted exactly as though he were playing with another cat. He's never, ever done that since he moved in with us seven years ago.

At least whatever-it-is, is friendly.

And playful.

That's good, right?


Judith Ashley said...

No wonder you write paranormal, Sarah! And, yes, it is a good thing that your other cat is friendly. The best thing is that this cat doesn't shed and doesn't use a litter box, etc.

Maybe that is why I end of sneezing for no reason? Might I have a ghost cat of my own?

Diana McCollum said...

Of course a ghost kitty that is friendly is a good thing! Imagine if it was evil, attacking your ankles, hissing in your ear at night or landing on your shoulder with claws extended. Oh, then your ghost cat would be a horrid cat!!! LOL!!

Sarah Raplee said...

Judith, I don't think a ghost cat can cause allergies - but then, what do I know? LOL

Diana, You are so right! A naughty ghost cat could be a problem. Haven't heard of one, thank goodness!

Margaret Tanner said...

Ooh, I have never heard of a ghost cat, sounds intriquing.

Pippa Jay said...

Creepy but cute! I went to see a psychic once who told me I was followed by a cat. I didn't really believe her, but she then went on to describe my favourite cat who I'd lost as a youngster, something that broke my heart more than any other pet I'd lost. It made me feel better, although also slightly creeped out!

Sarah Raplee said...

Isn't life grand? There is so much more to the universe than we realize! You never know what life will bring.