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Monday, February 24, 2014

Overheard on . . . Romancing the Genres

“A toast- To a romance that lasts longer than the best wine.”

Deep, intense, robust, delicate, full-bodied… these are all terms used to describe wine. Of course there is also, woodsy, fruity, earthy- but we won’t get into that in this post. Because what I have been thinking about lately is how the relationships we have with other things in our life can also be used to describe our romances.

… Such as our relationship with our home: comfy, cozy, grounding, nostalgic- or our school alma mater: loyal, supportive, gratifying, proud.
Even the form a story takes can be used to describe a relationship. Is it long and slow and deep, or short and fast and intense. Interestingly, either of these types of stories can be just as fulfilling to read, just as either type of romance can be filled with meaning and purpose.

The very best short story authors know this and develop the characters and their relationship in a way that leaves the reader better off for  knowing them.
During the month of March Romancing the Genres gets to spotlight some of these fantastic short story romance authors.
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I’m intrigued by how at different times in my life I have been more interested in the short version of things, whether it is in my relationships or my reading choices. Looking at these periods I see that the two things have often balanced each other… so that when I was younger and just having fun dating, my reading choices tended to be bigger, longer romances, such as Anna Karenina. And now, enjoying and appreciating my own 15 year romance with my husband, I tend toward shorter, quirkier, more intense stories; even as condensed as a really great love poem.

And, while reading both short and long romances at the same time can be considered a talent, conducting short and long romances at the same time should be discouraged. Whichever you choose, though, here's to you own short or long journeys inspired by love.
Deanne Wilsted


Judith Ashley said...

Interesting take on the balance between what you are reading and what's happening in your life. I found during the intense time of setting up accounts and uploading my first book I wasn't reading at all. Now that the basics are in place, I am back to one of my favorite past times!

Diana McCollum said...

Interesting post. Fiction reading for me, is always escapism. If life is extremely stressful, give me a long intense romance, paranormal or suspense to read.