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Monday, April 28, 2014

Overheard on . . . Romancing the Genres

What’s  your favorite vacation?

Although I normally try to use my RTG post to spotlight our upcoming guests, April’s monthly topic was so inspiring I just had to switch it up this month.
Asking about a best vacation is a little like asking about a favorite child I think. You know each one has their own unique and wonderful traits and you love all of them. But…… okay, so maybe one of them connects with you just a little bit more than the others, though you could never explain why.
Well, this is how I feel about my favorite vacation. First I should say that I love, love, love, travelling with my husband. And, though I am always nervous about the work of travelling with my daughter, she continually surprises me by being a blast. So a front runner would definitely be my trip last August to NY and Boston. It had the best of everything: seeing friends, exploring new places, great food, and a chance to reconnect with locals from my books.
However, as much as I loved that trip, the first one that always comes to mind is my trip a couple of years ago to Italy. I’ve written lots about this trip (for more you can link here to my personal blog posts about it.) It was magical and non-replicable.
A friend had invited us to his wedding in Italy, but we had another trip which conflicted. Ultimately there was only one thing to do; I flew to Italy on my own to attend the wedding and then met my family in Mexico for our family vacation.
So, I was travelling by myself, in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language. And I L-o-v-e-d it! The weather was warm but overcast while I was there, but in my memory the trip was golden and glowing. I visited spots from my second novel, UNTANGLING THE KNOT, and my next novel, MOLTO MAYHEM. I ate the most incredible food. Having just begun blogging, I got to incorporate fun overhears from Italy. And, I had the privilege of attending the most beautiful, incredible wedding I could ever imagine.  The people I met while on that trip continue to be part of my life. And in fact, I plan to fly to Italy this summer with my daughter so I can introduce her to them (and to the joy that is Italy.)
There are times when I am planning trips where I think it can’t possibly be worth the, fill in the blank: money, time, effort, difficulty.
Remembering this trip reminds me of why I should go anyway. You never know which trip will turn out to be that most miraculous of journeys that inspire your life.
I hope your next trip sweeps you away on you own Journey Inspired by Love. Let me know when you take it, especially if it lands you in Italy.


Sarah Raplee said...

Deanne, your enthusiasm shines through! Your post reminds me that "you never know what life will bring."

My husband's mother was Italian, and we're hoping to go to Italy next year. After reading your post, I can't wait!

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Deanne,

I've been to Italy (well, passing through to Slovenia and Croatia) and then spent a day in Venice. All I can say is "where were you?" You describe with such love an Italy I didn't see but would love to.

Book Three (soon to be out) in my Sacred Women's Circle series has one chapter set in Italy but in Book Six (due out about this time next year) much of the book is set there. I'd love to soak up some of your love for the country before starting Book 6!

So glad you had this Italian experience and can take your daughter. That trip may be even more special!


Diana McCollum said...

How funny, my oldest daughter and I were talking on the phone this morning and for her 25th anniversary they are planning a trip to Italy! I've always wanted to travel to Italy among other countries. How wonderful you could and can again. Nice blog post.

Pippa Jay said...

I've never been to Italy, but I have to say I did love travelling along when I was younger. Never very far but I'd hop on the train across the UK to visit a friend in Berkshire or off to pony trekking in Wales. A couple of years ago I got the chance to fly up to Edinburgh alone to meet a couple of friends I'd only known via Facebook. It was so much fun! Thanks for your enthusiastic post!