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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Planes, trains and SCARY STUFF...

I've got nothing.

Frankly, I'm racking my brains for a connection between paranormal and vehicles. So here we go with some haunted automobiles, wacky modes of travel, and transport-y stuff that frightened the bejesus out of me one time. Shut up, okay? It's the best I've got. Let's begin:

1. Haunted automobiles.

Oyy. The Spielberg movie Duel, where the unseen driver of an enormous truck -- or could the truck be ALIVE, people?!? -- totally monsters an innocent motorist. Brrr.

An honorable mention to Stephen King's Christine, every petrolhead's nightmare.

2. Crazy stuff that happens in automobiles. The Hitcher, folks. Rutger Hauer randomly kills people who pick him up on a lonely highway. At one point, there's a finger in the French fries. The scariest damn thing I'd ever seen when I was twelve. The Sean Bean remake comes pretty close, too - but Rutger got me young.

3. Trains full of psychos. The Midnight Meat Train by Clive Barker. A story about a train, where... well, I'm not sure what the hell happened, to be honest. But it involved gore and meathooks, and me sleeping with the light on.

4. Trains full of coffins. The London Necropolis Railway. This was a real thing in the 1850s. London cemeteries were overcrowded, so they built a new one on the outskirts, and you jumped on this train with your coffin to get there. Not that sinister, really. I just think Necropolis Railway sounds cool and creepy :)

5. Zombies on a plane. No, not snakes. World War Z has this nerve-popping scene where zombies (no, not snakes) attack on an airborne plane. No, not snakes. Hungry, disgusting zombies. They want to bite you. YOU HAVE NOWHERE TO RUN. {die}

6. Okay, fine. SNAKES ON A PLANE. I rest my case:

Those are some of my faves. So what creepy vehicular shenanigans sticks in your mind?


Judith Ashley said...

OMG, Erica! I'll have nightmares just from reading your post, seriously. I have nothing to add. You might have guessed I don't do creepy whether in or out of a vehicle or anywhere else.
*shivering and grimacing*

Sarah Raplee said...

Hmmm...Does Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey count? He pretty much WAS the spaceship.

Great job, Erica!