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Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's Reincarnation!

Have you ever met someone, a complete stranger, and instantly connected or hated them? Have you ever thought you know someone intimately but had never actually met them before? For some it's just coincidence for others like me, it's fate. It's Reincarnation.

Reincarnation is a big belief in my life not only as a normal everyday person but as an author. The instant I met my husband wayyyy back when we were teenagers I knew him instantly. I knew the good hard working honorable man he was even though he didn't see it himself.  Writing within the bigger genres of Sci-fi and Fantasy I believe there needs to be an instant connection between the hero and heroine, just like with us. My heroines always sense the good in the hero even when the hero can't see it himself and my heros always see the beauty in the heroine even when she doesn't see it herself.

Reincarnation gives me the attraction while giving me the availability to have different characters from the past to the present. It also gives me an added conflict in that maybe something in a past life has been influencing decisions or viewpoints even when there is no logical reason for them. Writing main characters that have extended life spans gives me the room for missed opportunities to be repaired. Just like my last blog post said, Love Conquers All, including time.

 Artwork copywrite 2014 Ellie Thiebaud


Sarah Raplee said...

I love the way your beliefs inform your stories! I'm working on that in my own writing. Great post! Love the artwork as well.

Judith Ashley said...

Ellie's artwork is amazing!

When we layer in our beliefs within our stories, I think we make them stronger. They become a core thread that can be followed from story to story and from series to series.

Thanks for sharing yours, Mae.

maepen said...

Thanks Sarah and Judith. She's getting better and better. The crows were done by hand in ink! I just wish I was as talented as her. LOL.

I definitely see each of you in your writing.

Diana McCollum said...

The art work is very nice. My favorite bird! I think we as writers can't help but lace our works with our beliefs. I like your idea of a reincarnation thread running through your books. Good post!