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Friday, October 10, 2014

Near Death Experience, Maybe?

Years ago while living in Michigan, out of town in the country side, one of our friends was the local Sheriff. My husband at the time was doing some remodeling for a fellow who had moved to our small town.

This new fellow, I’ll call him Sam, spent money like crazy, and paid for everything in cash, including the $30,000 dollar remodel my husband did for him.

Sam took us for a celebration dinner after the project was completed. He told us he wanted my husband to build him a safe room in his basement, a room no one would know was there. Of course we were excited at the prospect of more work in a slow economy.

Our Sheriff friend calls us both into his office. He tells us about our “New” friend Sam. Sheriff holds up a rap sheet of previous crimes Sam had been convicted of, including Armed Robbery, Rape, Automobile Theft, you name it, it was probably on the list. His life of crime started at fourteen and he was around forty when we met him. Sam was under surveillance for recent unsolved store robberies in the county. Sam and his wife had moved from another state to our tiny town of four hundred people, right before the armed robberies started.

So we were told to report anything we heard from him or his wife such as if they were going out of town, if they bought something big and new, etc. Sam’s number was on my wall list of phone numbers next to the Sheriff’s. My husband called to say Sam was going to buy a new car in the next town over.

I dialed the Sheriff and Sam answered!! Oddly enough the numbers were one digit off. I said wrong number and hung up. Called the right number and told the Sheriff the mistake I had made. He told me to leave the house in case Sam was coming over. The Sheriff and Deputies had received evidence linking Sam to the local crime wave and were on their way to arrest him.

There’s a knock at the door, I see it is Sam, (this was before cell phones) I hid in the bedroom and called 911. Luckily for me, he left after knocking for five minutes.

Sam was arrested down the road from our house.

Have you ever been duped by a friend who turned out to be not at all who you thought he/she was?

Here's a blurb and the cover of my November 25th release, "The Witch with the Trident Tattoo".


Gifted witch Ella Stone, born with an inherited affinity for water and the ability to talk to sea creatures, is on a mission. Ocean life is disappearing off the Atlantic Coast, and Poseidon needs her to find out why. She’ll do anything she can to find answers, even if that means hiring handsome, brooding sea captain Noah Drago to help.

Ella leads an isolated existence, keeping her secrets close. To the world at large she’s a scientist, but deep down she’s a lonely witch, wanting a deeper connection but afraid of reaching out. When Noah accidentally learns of her magic, she’ll have to trust him.

Noah has been a commercial fisherman all his life, except for five years as a Navy Seal. He’s seen and done things that scarred him, so he keeps to himself. But when Ella hires him, his life changes as quickly as a storm at sea. The sexy scientist’s kisses turn Noah’s world upside-down. Soon, he’s plunging into a world of myth, magic and passion.

But will their growing connection—their love—be enough to save them from an encroaching evil bent on destroying all life as they know it?


Sarah Raplee said...

It's a terrible feeling to find out you've been played. Yes, that happened to me once.

Thank goodness you had the presence of mind to hide, call 911, and not answer the door!

Judith Ashley said...

There are those people who say cell phones are destroying our ability to communicate with each other. I read your story and think they are essential to our safety. Thank goodness you had a phone available in your basement! I just have to have the presence of mind to grab my cell when I hear noises at night!

PS: Great cover!

Diana McCollum said...

Thank for commenting Sarah and Judith! Cell phones are a wonderful invention. Of course when this incident happened, I might have grabbed it an ran out the back door into the woods, and he might have followed!!

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness, I've been reading all of your near death accounts with a hand over my heart.
Diana, this one took the cake! You always think that this stuff is just in books or the movies, but that guy Sam could have really done some harm.
Glad you're all safe!!!

Elaine said...

That's a fascinating story, Diana! I'm so glad your angels were there to make him leave - and I'm glad he didn't just break in. People have so many facets, so many marvelous layers - from generous affable friend to scary monster. As an exploration of villains, I wonder what motivated "Sam's" life of crime, if it was some genetic or chemical imbalance, triggered by experiences we can't imagine. And what about his wife? Yikes. Thank you for sharing!

Diana McCollum said...

Thanks for stopping by Shannon and Elaine. I think he didn't recognize me when I called his house and asked for the Sheriff by name. (No caller I.D. back then), probably why he left and didn't break in.

As for his wife. Turned out she new nothing of his past. They had married a year before moving to our town. She was wealthy, and devastated to learn of her husband's activities. Get this, they had met at Church!

M Pax said...

That's creepy, Diana. Really creepy. Glad it all turned out all right.

Kate Curran said...

Wow what a story. Did the guy go to prison?

Marie Harte said...

Oh wow! What a story. I'm curious too. Did Sam go to prison?
Love the cover, Diana. And the story sounds intriguing. I'm a sucker for gods and goddesses. The title rocks!

Diana McCollum said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mary, Kate and Marie. Yes, he went to prison for four counts of armed robbery. His wife of one year went back to PA. She had no idea who he really was. They had met at Church. She was from a wealthy family and had money, probably why he married her.

Louise Pelzl said...
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Louise Pelzl said...

I can't wait to read your new story, sounds intriguing.

Very glad to hear that you hide in the closet -smart woman my friend Lady Di.