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Saturday, November 1, 2014

REVIEW: The Christmas Tree Wars

By Ashantay Peters

My love of Christmas stories is hereditary—my mother reads books with a winter holiday setting all year around and so do I. Genes also account for our cross-genre reading tendencies, along with our need for stories that feature twists and turns. That’s why I believe my Christmas story pick, The Christmas Tree Wars by RTG blogger Robin Weaver, will appeal to readers across generational—and genre—lines. The book is set for release on December 10 by The Wild Rose Press. You can search for it by title or by author Robin Weaver's name.

In this novella, Suzette Forrester discovers she’s been entered into the local Christmas tree decorating contest, familiarly known to many as The Christmas Tree Wars. Unbeknownst to the generous friends who footed the bill, Suzette had played the lack of funds card as an excuse. Her real reason for not entering the contest was deeper and difficult to admit.

While looking for a way to pull out of the contest, Suzette is cornered by her nemesis, Katarina Snodgrass. Posturing, a rash bet, a few rude words later…and to her horror, Suzette is bound to compete.

Suzette wonders if she’s made Santa’s naughty list for life when she learns her high school crush, Spence James, has returned to help his ill father. She’d love to sit on his lap and whisper her Christmas wishes in his ear, but Katarina was standing first in line.  Which makes working with Spence fraught with emotional icicles.

Mix a wanna-be fiance, a Hollywood star with secrets, a series of contest wins by Suzette’s grandmother, and a history of losing to Katarina to the holiday potpourri, and you’ve got the makings of a Christmas Tree War.  And what a fun war it is!

I enjoyed the many plot turns and new twists of language employed by Ms. Weaver. The author’s trademarked snarky heroine does herself proud and pulls off a laugh out-loud HEA win in more than one category.

If you are searching for a short read to take your mind off the stress-related decorating, baking, and shopping to find just that right gift for cantankerous Uncle Joe, pick up The Christmas Tree Wars novella. You’ll be swept into a story that will invigorate you faster than devouring an entire gingerbread house!

Be sure to put December 10 on  your calendar so you can add this title to your personal Christmas gift list. This writer gives the book a high recommendation for a ho-ho-ho good time. And that’s no snow-blinded opinion. Remember, I come by my holiday story biases naturally.

May your upcoming holidays be filled with satisfying stories, love, joy, and peace!


Linda Lovely said...

I love all of Robin Weaver's snarky characters. Can't wait to read this Christmas novella. Thanks for the review, Ashantay.

Judith Ashley said...

Well done, Ashantay! I thoroughly enjoy Robin's sense of humor so will definitely mark December 10th on my calendar!

Ashantay Peters said...

Thanks for your comments, Linda and Judith. This story will live up to my review - and more!

Thanks also for my guest post today. It's an honor to appear on RTG!

Robin Weaver, Author of Blue Ridge Fear said...

Thanks, A! Really appreciate your kind words.
And it isn't my fault the Asheville trees look like Christmas trees today. :)

Ashantay said...

True, Robin - it was a trick or maybe treat from Mother Nature, i guess.