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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Has the magic evaporated? Drifted away on the wind now that the Valentine’s Day chocolates are all eaten and the dead roses have been taken away with the trash? Of course, the real romantic may have saved a rose petal or two, pressed them between the covers of a book to savor and recall the romantic gesture at a later date. The cynics amongst us might say that Valentine’s Day is commercialized rubbish, but not the true romantic. To them, Valentine’s Day equates to romance.

Without romance the world would be a sad and lonely place, and I don’t think I am alone in thinking this way.  Tens of thousands of women who read romance books know the truth. Love makes the world go round. No matter whether the story finishes with death or birth, happiness or sadness, as long as, in the mind of the romance reader, the ending is satisfying to them, they are happy and ready to buy their next romance book.

Some of the best romance books I have read had me crying at the end, but I didn’t feel cheated because under the right circumstances, and as strange as it might seem to some, a sad ending makes for a grand finale. I guess a comic ending would work well for some, but not for me. I want the emotion to tug at my heart, fill my eyes with tears and cause my heart to pound. Have me worried sick that the hero and heroine will never get their happily ever after ending after all the angst and suffering they have gone through. I would feel cheated, betrayed even, if an author did that to me.

In keeping with our guest bloggers for the month of February – writers of Scottish romance, I thought I would mention my novel, Savage Possession. It is set in frontier Australia, but has a decidedly Scottish flavor.


A sweeping tale of love's triumph over tragedy and treachery in frontier Australia.

A mistaken identity opens the door for Martin Mulvaney to take his revenge on the granddaughter of his mortal enemy.

An old Scottish feud, a love that should never have happened, and a series of extraordinary coincidences trap two lovers in a family vendetta that threatens to destroy their love, if not their lives.


“For God’s sake, Sam. What’s wrong?”

“Your, your, Storm is named Elizabeth,” Sam said in a harsh whisper. “Elizabeth Campbell, old Fergus’ granddaughter.”

“What!” The statement was like a mule kick to his stomach and Martin almost doubled over with shock.

“No! She can’t be,” he rasped.

“Didn’t you see the resemblance?”

 “What’s the matter?” Storm asked in a panic stricken voice.

Martin ignored her distress. “You’re a Campbell,” he snarled, advancing towards her with deadly intent. “Get out of my sight.”

“But, Martin,” she pleaded, “what have I done?”

“Done?” He gritted his teeth to stop himself grabbing hold of her. “You’re the granddaughter of my mortal enemy.”

“Stop it,” Sam intervened. “Go to your room, girlie, until we sort this mess out.”

As she fled, Martin hurled a string of curses at her.

“I’ve made a whore out of Fergus Campbell’s granddaughter. Better than killing the old bastard.”  He gave a harsh bark of laughter. “I heard somewhere he doted on those twins of his. I ought to grab her by the scruff of the neck, drag her to the Black Stallion and tell everyone in the public bar what a talented little harlot I turned her into.”  He enjoyed the idea for a moment.

“Listen to me, son.”

“No. You listen to me. I’ve waited years for a chance to destroy old Fergus. He ruined my life. Oh, revenge will be sweet. Took a stock whip to me once, did you know that?  I want that Scottish Highland pride ground into the dust. I want him to be so humiliated he’ll want to crawl off somewhere and die.”

“What about the girl? You said the gypsies abused her.”

“They did, but she’s a whore, a Campbell whore.”

“You can’t blame her for what happened years ago. Bury the past for the love of God,” Sam pleaded. “This thirst for revenge will destroy you.”


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Judith Ashley said...

Oh my, Margaret! Powerful scene!!!

So glad you spoke up about Savage Possession and it having a Scottish flavor to it. Feuds know no boundaries as you have shown.

PS: I do agree Valentine's Day has become extremely commercialized. To me a great deal of the specialness of being remembered on Valentines is lost. The blessing is that everyone is reminded for a period of time in the dark of winter (in the northern hemisphere) and in the light of summer (in your part of the world) that love is a part of the fabric of our lives.

Sarah Raplee said...

Valentine's Day reminds us of the importance of love. What could be sweeter?

Your excerpt had me wanting to intervene. I could feel the heartache barrelling down on this couple!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Sarah,
I think it does remind us of the importance of love.
Thanks for leaving a comment.

Margaret Tanner said...

Thanks Judith, Savage Possession is a powerful romance, certainly not of the sweet variety. The heroine and hero have to go through a lot before they get their HEA ending.