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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Scottish Romance Author Amanda Forester

Thank you or inviting me to chat today about my upcoming book, THE HIGHLANDER'S  BRIDE. Here is the grand unveiling of my new cover.  Ta da!  What do you think?

I began writing Scottish medievals and then took a bit of a foray into English Regency, but now have returned to my first love, the Highland hero!

Besides, in my last Highland novel, I left poor young Gavin Patrick alone in France to seek his fortune. He and his step-father, Sir Chaumont, had been recruited to take a valuable relic out of dangerous hands to the safety of France. This mission being completed, they were supposed to return to Scotland, but Gavin had other ideas.

I wrote the following epilogue for the end of TRUE HIGHLAND SPIRIT about Gavin's beginning of his adventure, but it was cut from the book.

So here is a never before published deleted scene!

1356, Somewhere in France…

Gavin rode down the road in the early morn alongside his step-father, Chaumont, 

admiring the French countryside. They approached a fork in the road and Chaumont began down 

the right path, but Gavin came to a stop.

“This way back to Scotland,” said Chaumont.

“I know but… I was thinking the path to the left looked like a nice way,” Gavin gave him 

a slight shrug and a smile. He was not sure how to tell him what he had been thinking to do.

Chaumont gave him an appraising glance. “You are thinking of going adventuring.”

“Aye,” said Gavin with a widening smile. Chaumont knew him too well.

“I must return. My heart, my wife, and my children they are all in Scotland. You ought to 

be there too. At least, that is what your mother would say.”

“I dinna ask ye to stay. In truth, I dinna wish ye to.” This siren call of adventure was 

something Gavin needed to face alone.

“And what will I say to your mother? Mary will most distressed if I return without you.”

“Tell my mother I love her and I will return.” 

“Gavin…” Chaumont shook his head. “She will not like it.”

“I know, but it is time. How old were ye when ye ventured out to seek yer fortune?”

“Younger than you, but I had not the benefit of family.”

Gavin smiled. “I will always have that. This way looks a pleasant road, and I ken ye are 

about to tell me it isna so nice, but I think I must find it out for myself.”

Chaumont gave him a begrudging smile. "Oui, it is the truth you speak. But I do not 

relish trying to convince your mother." Chaumont rode closer and grasped his hand. “Goodbye, 

my lad. Take good care and return home soon.” 

“Fare thee well!” Gavin turned his head toward the rising sun and the promise of 

Amanda Forester

THE HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE, picks up three years later after Sir Gavin's adventure turned into
years of defending the French against the English in what will later be known as the Hundred Years War. Having enough of the fighting and he decides he will quietly return home to Scotland.

He thinks his life will be easier off the battlefield, until he is saddled with a passel of orphans, a massive treasure to transport, and a sharp-tongued French heiress,

Lady Marie Colette, whom he is honor bound to escort to her Highland fiancé.

The situation gets worse when they are forced to pose as a married couple to sneak out of France.

Stuck in a small cabin on a long voyage, Gavin and Colette fight against their forbidden attraction while pretending to be a happy couple... yet they both want to do so much more than pretend.

THE HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE will be released fall of 2015.

In order to read the full story surrounding Gavin Patrick (and see how he tries to kill Chaumont when they first meet) be sure

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I really enjoyed finally writing Gavin's story since I watched him grow up in my Highlander

What makes the best Highlander hero to you?


Judith Ashley said...

Welcome to Romancing The Genre, Amanda!

I love your newest cover!!!

One thing that draws me to Scottish Romance besides having been to Scotland and fallen in love with the country and people is the physical stamina of the hero. In general heroes are brave and protect the heroine and have a code of honor within which they make decisions but the Highlander hero is all that and more because he faces extreme weather and terrain at the same time.

Amanda Forester said...

I agree! I do love the rugged Highland hero! Thanks for inviting me today!

Sarah Raplee said...

I think Judith said it all! I don't know that I've read a Medieval Highlander Romance. Now I'm intrigued. Thank you for Guesting at RTG.

Diana McCollum said...

Highlanders are the best heros!! Nice excerpt.

Kimi C said...

I love all your books Amanda. Love the excerpt.

What makes the best Highland Hero to me is when the man is possessive, protective, and cannot forget that awesome burr. He doesn't have to be the hottest guy, just as long long as he loves without conditions.

Darlene Panzera said...

Hi Amanda! Great to see you here! Love your new cover and I enjoyed reading the deleted excerpt! Wish you the best!