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Friday, April 10, 2015

Hope is a Funny Word

Hope is a sad word to some, as in “I hope I recover from cancer.” The outcome of treatment is not a guarantee of a cure.

“I hope the tornado does not hit our house.” This is hopefulness the weather does not take a turn towards the house.
Copyright : Olga Lyubkin

We can hope for ourselves, our family, our country or the world. Hope can be felt with confidence, expectation, optimism, anticipation, faith and courage.

At one time or another we have all experienced some form of “Hope”. I know I’ve experienced all of the above various feelings of hope.

I’ve lost hope, too. When my Father was dying from cancer I hoped with all my heart and prayers that by some miracle he would be saved. It wasn’t to be. When I arrived at my parents’ house two days before my Dad expired, I went into the bedroom where he lay on a hospital bed provided by Hospice. He looked like he was sleeping. I knelt down on the floor and brushed his forehead with my fingertips. Dad opened his weary eyes and said, “Di, you’re here.” He closed his eyes, and hope fled from my heart.

Those were the last words my father spoke to me.

I try to be optimistic and look at the bright side of life. Last year I was hopeful I’d get a book published and I did, along with Sister Sarah and Judith. But along with hope were perseverance, dedication and co-operation to make it happen.

Glacier Park picture by Diana McCollum
I hoped my husband and I could go on a long vacation. We had not been on one in three years, and we did! Visiting Montana, Idaho WA and British Columbia, again, it took planning and confidence and anticipation to pull it off. Husband has severe back problems so we had to plan to only drive 3 to 4 hours a day. I
had to ask my Sister Sarah to leave her husband and stay with our 89 year old Mom so she wouldn’t be alone while we were gone. I had to withdraw money from my IRA. Everything came together and our hope of a vacation became a reality.

Copyright : Marek Uliasz
So my conclusion on HOPE is you can hope for something all you want, sit back and it may or may not materialize.

Or you can HOPE for something with confidence, optimism courage, faith and participation. One still may not get what they hope for, but wouldn’t you rather be “doing” than “sitting”?


Judith Ashley said...

Yes, I would rather be 'doing' something to manifest my dream than only 'hope' for it to come true.

Sarah Raplee said...

Great post, Diana! I would much rather be "doing" than "sitting!"

Diana McCollum said...

Thanks for stopping by, Judith and Sarah.

Nadine Mutas said...

Great post! So, so true that hope itself is such a passive thing unless it's paired with action on your part -- at least in those instances when we can do something to make it happen.

Kate Curran said...

Great post Diana and timely for me as my mother-in-law died last Friday after suffering a stroke two days before. We had that hope initially, but like your dad she didn't died shortly after that. Wonderful post. Thanks again

Diana McCollum said...

Thanks for stopping by Nadine.:))
Oh, Kate, so sorry to hear about Nick's Mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you both, Hugs.

Kate Curran said...

Thanks Diana. And again thanks for the great blog.

Z. Minor said...

Diana what a great blog and your words are so true for everyone on the planet. I am so proud of you!!