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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Small Town Girl

By Jenn DeCuir

I grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine. One of those everyone-knows-everyone-else’s business type of places. And much like my character, Cady Eaton, in Trapped in Tourist Town, I couldn't wait to get out.

I met my now-husband over the internet (through a friend who had actually met him in person, so I knew he wasn't an ax murderer), dated long distance for a year and then decided to join him in Los Angeles. I packed up my car with as much as I could stuff in it, brought along my cat and his prescription downers, and I was off. Los Angeles, was an amazing experience. As was San Diego, where we moved about a year after we were eventually married.

I thought I’d be thrilled to see the last of my hometown. Instead, I pined for it. Especially when I had my first child. I wanted her to have the kind of childhood I had. The safety of riding a bike all around the neighborhood, joining other families at the local swimming hole on a hot evening, picking blueberries in the woods behind the house and not knowing whether you’ll encounter a skunk, a porcupine or a deer on this particular outing.

So we were beyond excited when the opportunity came to move to the Pacific Northwest for my husband’s work. Driving toward our temporary rental, I marveled at all the evergreens. It reminded me of home.

It wasn't Maine, but it would do.

My kids might not be able to explore miles of woods behind our house, but there are TONS of forested areas and state parks really close by where we do explore. Every 4th of July we attend the town parade. Not everyone knows us, in this slightly bigger town, but that’s okay. Downtown is still one charming two lane road full of family run businesses. We might not get the more exotic wildlife out here, but the rabbits and possum that stop by to visit in our yard are more than welcome.

Jennifer DeCuir
And if I want to visit Maine on a daily basis? I start a new book in my series. Scallop Shores is a quaint little town on the coast of Maine. There is a cast of quirky characters, plenty of town gossip, old loves and couples just starting out. And if I throw in a happy memory or two from growing up in my own hometown, well, that’s just my way of staying in touch with a town that has a special place in my heart.

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Jennifer DeCuir said...

Thank you, ladies, for inviting me over this morning. I get so excited whenever I hear anyone talk about small towns. Cities can be exciting, but small towns really steal your heart. :)

Irene Preston said...

Nice post. We live in a small bedroom community just outside a city. For us, it was the best of two worlds.

Jennifer DeCuir said...

Irene - that's great. That's how things are with us now. 20 mins from Seattle - a fun day trip with none of the traffic and crowds unless we choose to visit. :)

Dena said...

Great post. Packing up and moving from Maine to Los Angelos-wow! Talk about culture shock. I grew up in a decent size city in central Texas, but always love visiting my grandparents in one of those single traffic light towns. Lucky for me, my husband was from rural eastern Kentucky and when he got out of the military, there was no question of where we'd make home. I love it here.

Jennifer DeCuir said...

Dena, love that term "single traffic light". That's a perfect description and brings up so many cozy visuals of small town life.
Thanks for dropping by!

Judith Ashley said...

Jennifer, Welcome to Romancing The Genres. While I was born and mostly raised in a larger city, I attended high school in a college town and then lived for seven years in a two traffic light town.

I've lived almost forty years in the same house in a well-established neighborhood. Not much turn-over in homeowners in the few blocks around me. Not really a small town, but that sense of community we've cultivated is real.

The mail carriers who get this route end up staying until retirement because of our warm welcomes whenever we see them and ice water on blistering hot days.

Jennifer DeCuir said...

Judith, what a thoughtful gesture. Lucky mail carriers! I bet even the dogs are friendly. ;)
Enjoying my visit today - thanks so much for the invite.

Judith Ashley said...

I live a few blocks from a major dog walking path so there is a constant parade of dogs and their owners from first daylight until dark. And, yes, they are friendly dogs. It's a requirement .

Sarah Raplee said...

I love stories set in small towns! I've lived in several, and loved them all. Your books sound like fun.

Diana McCollum said...

I have lived in small towns and bigger cities. I like small town life. I think one of the pleasures of shopping was running into friends or neighbors I knew, and stopping for a coffee or tea and company. I was very lonely when we first moved to OR, not knowing anyone. Enjoyed your post! Good luck on sales.

Jennifer DeCuir said...

Thanks! I love that I get to "visit" my old hometown every time I sit down to write. :)

I hope your new neighbors in OR welcomed you into the fold and now you feel like old friends.

Thanks for commenting, ladies! <3